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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The 14th Annual Greatest Games Event - Sign-Ups Thread

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I hope you're all ready, because we're already reaching the end of another year and that means it's time to prepare your rankings all over again!

For anyone unaware of what this is (I'm always surprised by how we keep getting new people in here!)... By November 12th, there'll be 50 days left in the year, so we'll be counting down our 50 favorite games of all time, one each day! It's a really nice time on VGC and I'm always thankful to our beloved @Smeags for creating this celebration, and to @Leadified for carrying on the torch before passing it on to me.

Well, I don't think anything else needs to be said, here we go! If you want to sign up, all you have to do is say it!

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The rules are unchanged this year, so read them if you want a reminder of how it all works or if this is your first time here.

Basic rules:

• The Official thread and the Discussion thread will be posted on November 10th.

• In the Official thread, you will ONLY POST ONCE. All other posts should be in the Discussion thread, and your ONE post in the Official thread shall be edited to update your list accordingly.

• Starting on November 12th, you will begin to post your top 50 ever games, one each day:
       • On November 12th, you will post your 50th favorite game.
       • On November 13th, you will post your 49th favorite game.
       • This will continue until December 31st, when you will post your #1 game of all time.

• If this sounds a bit too daunting, you don't need to come here every day, of course! It's totally fine if you have to miss out on a few days. If that happens, just do some catching up and update your list up to the point everyone else's gotten to.

• If you just want to post your top 50 straight away without taking part in the daily interactions, that's okay too, but only if you post the list on the Official thread or message it to me directly. If you post it anywhere else, it won't be accepted.

What games can you pick?

• You can pick any game for any system. It doesn't matter if it's a mobile game, single-player or multiplayer, free-to-play, everything is allowed! ...With a few exceptions, as listed below:

• Games that release after October 31st, 2023 will not be allowed.
       • There are surprisingly few high-profile games releasing in the last two months of this year. Are they taking notice?

• Game collections are also not allowed.
       • This means you can't list something like Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and instead should list each of the games in it separately.

• Fanmade games are allowed, but mods aren't.

• Expansions, DLCs, or anything of the sort will be included with their base game, so you can't list those separately.

• Remakes, remasters, definitive editions, or anything of the sort should also not be listed separately from their original release.
       • However, certain remakes that differ from the original significantly are allowed. This includes, for example, the Resident Evil remakes and the Metroid remakes. This works on a game-by-game basis - if you're unsure about a specific title, ask me!

Things you should do:

• Please include the platforms you've played each game on (and only those you've played on!). Even if it is an exclusive, still list the platform, it helps me out a lot!

• Reboots often have the same names as their originals. If you have one such game on your list, please specify whether it is the reboot or the original, or add information on the release year.
       • For example, if your list has the Doom reboot, list it as "Doom (2016)".

• For your ONE POST in the Official thread, please don't include images or descriptions. Keep your list clean and to the point - if you want to show images or talk about your favorite games at length, the Discussion thread is the place for that.

• Whenever you finish your list, please send it to me via PM as soon as possible! The earlier I have it, the earlier I can start working on the results thread.

• If you change your mind halfway through, it's okay to make alterations to your list, as long as you make them BEFORE December 31st.
       • However, if you sent me your list via PM, please message me again with the new alterations, otherwise I'll be using the outdated list.

If you have any additional questions, send me a message, post on my wall, or mention me in a post. I'll try to get back to you ASAP.

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(Threads from 2018-2021 are broken, but I promise they actually happened!)

Here's our list of entrants so far:

  1. mZuzek
  2. Darashiva
  3. UnderwaterFunktown
  4. Darwinianevolution
  5. Mnementh
  6. killeryoshis
  7. TheWalrusCaesar
  8. Veknoid_Outcast
  9. The_Liquid_Laser
  10. Iveyboi
  11. Jpcc86
  12. Eric2048
  13. Machina
  14. haxxiy
  15. Mar1217
  16. Salnax
  17. NobleTeam360
  18. trunkswd
  19. S.Peelman
  20. Vinther1991
  21. coolbeans
  22. Pajderman
  23. Farsala
  24. Bofferbrauer2
  25. Dreamcaster999
  26. kenjab
  27. Shadow1980
  28. axumblade
  29. FarleyMcFirefly
  30. the-pi-guy
  31. TruckOSaurus
  32. CatGuy
  33. GameOverture
  34. Hiku
  35. BraLoD
  36. Jaicee
  37. psychicscubadiver
  38. Kaunisto
  39. VersusEvil
  40. shikamaru317
  41. StarDoor
  42. dan_banan
  43. theRepublic
  44. rapsuperstar31
  45. Spike0503
  46. derpysquirtle64
  47. AlbiNecroxz
  48. Runa216
  49. SvennoJ
  50. Fei-Hung
  51. Link_Nines.XBC
  52. dane007
  53. MTZehvor
  54. Dulfite
  55. Doctor_MG
  56. KratosLives
  57. Platina
  58. forest-spirit
  59. antigin
  60. bdbdbd
  61. Jumpin
  62. drbunnig
  63. super_etecoon
  64. Wman1996
  65. DroidKnight
  66. G2ThaUNiT
  67. green_sky

(Users who have already submitted their completed lists have their names crossed out and in bold)

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Well, guess I might as well sign up again, even if my list ends up having no new games for the first time  :|

Thread is open of course!

Yeah, I'm in as always. Need to go through my list once again, got at least a few games to add to it I think.

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Time really flies, but sure I'm down once again.
I actually have quite a few new games this year, the tough part is gonna be where to place them.

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