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Gaming Forum

Sales Discussion

20,916 Topics
Japan, North America, Worldwide sales - press releases, predictions all in here
Last topic: Okami sold more on Switch than PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One. What other third parties have performed best on Switch?

Gaming Discussion

71,789 Topics
General gaming discussion- news, rumours, screenshots, release dates and all other game-related posts in here
Last topic: Games price, value and perception

Nintendo Discussion

45,437 Topics
Nintendo hardware new and old, latest games, Mario, Zelda, Metroid
Last topic: Poll: I've got all 4 FIFA games for Switch, am I a bad person?

Sony Discussion

38,611 Topics
The Playstation lounge. Discuss the PS1 / PS2 / PS3 / PS4 / PSP / PSVita
Last topic: Poll: PlayStation Nation | PS5 is here! | Reviews are now live

Microsoft Discussion

21,856 Topics
Xbox / Xbox 360 / Xbox One, Halo, XBL, Live Arcade - keep it all in here!
Last topic: Xbox Empire - The Biggest Launch in Xbox History

PC Discussion

6,222 Topics
PC Games, hardware, online meetups
Last topic: The 11th Semi-Annual PC Secret Santa Event

Website Forum

Website Topics

6,159 Topics
Website updates will always be announced here. In addition to providing general website information, we are happy to receive your feedback (both good and bad) about new features and updates and we welcome your suggestions, too. We do our best to provide a bug-free experience at all times, but occasionally some errors do make it through - please feel free to report problems here. While you're here, why not take the opportunity to introduce yourself, as well?
Last topic: Ys Origin (NS/PS4) is not in the database

Off-Topic Forum

General Discussion

26,321 Topics
Non-gaming chatter - music, films and anything else you want to talk about in here...
Last topic: Anybody trying to lose weight ? heres my story. of 6 days 7lbs lost

Movies Discussion

2,324 Topics
Be it Zombie Horror or RomCom... Horror, this is the place for movie threads.
Last topic: Poll: Best Mad Max film?

Music Discussion

557 Topics
The home away from home for those with an unhealthy obsession for Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift and the like
Last topic: What are you listening to right now

Sports Discussion

454 Topics
Handegg vs. football, the debate rolls on...
Last topic: The NFL Thread 2020: Seahawks win in Philadelphia

Politics Discussion

2,542 Topics
Left v Right - thrash it out in here.
Last topic: The US Politics |OT|

NSFW Discussion

546 Topics
All 'Not Safe For Work' material should be posted here. Normal rules still apply!
Last topic: Tokyo opens adults-only theme park, complete with porn stars