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    You won all those bets!!! :o

    I've won 7/8 bets that I have taken on VGC so far haha. And I'm feeling good about the one I have on the go too haha ;)
    How ya doing man?

    on 20 June 2020

    What's the current one? And what were the other 5?

    You wanna bet on Bayonetta 3's release date? Or better yet, Nintendo's 2020 Holiday title?

    Im ok. Nothing really going on irl. I beat Xenoblade recently and that was surprisingly really great. Now I have to eat crow for making Monolith jokes all the time.

    What about you? How you doing?

    on 20 June 2020

    Liquidlaser bet me PS5/XSX would sell under 56m by the end of 2023, I said they'll do more.
    Can't remember all my past ones honestly.

    I'm okay thanks; kinda low cos I'm stuck indoors with little to do and little to get excited about in terms of Switch games. I would KILL for a Bayonetta 3 trailer, speaking of which haha.

    on 20 June 2020

    Yea I don't know, I largely agree that this has been a disappointing year as a Switch owner. I don't voice it a lot though because I don't see the need personally. I think that while wanting new announcements and depriving yourself of current enjoyment are not mutually exclusive they can sorta intertwine. Sometimes I just end up caught up in the hype of new announcements and games that I just end up not caring about what I already have. So for me the advice that there is enough games already actually has a grain of truth. That's just me personally though. Im trying to treat this like a backlog year, but I'm so slow at completing games I'm not doing a good job at it.

    Right now I'm also emulating games and just trying them out. Its neat to play old titles where there is no real pressure to form an opinion or finish them quick to justify your purchase.

    Yea Bayonetta 3 should be great. I'm also eagerly awaiting the 2D Metroid announcement, which I expect, but that could have just been a practical joke from Nintendo for all I know.

    on 20 June 2020

    Yeah I admit I've become a bit addicted to hype, or at least to having new games to get excited for, so its a very rough year for me, the silence on what's coming out beyond July is really frustrating for me.

    Especially since it seems like every Switch game I get excited for get pushed back til the end of time; Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, BOTW 2, Doom Eternal...

    on 20 June 2020

    < DonFerrari posted something on curl-6's wall:

    Congrats on beating cancer

    Thanks man! :) Hope things are going well with you.

    on 16 May 2020

    Yes, things are going fine considering the context.

    on 16 May 2020

    Yeah, I think "fine" is pretty good nowadays. Same for me, getting by and recovering.

    on 16 May 2020

    < curl-6 updated his status:

    Goodbye cancer!

    Congrats bud!!

    on 03 June 2020

    I say if they don't show Bayonetta 3 in the next direct, we riot.

    About ready to start chucking molotovs tbh

    on 26 March 2020

    on 26 March 2020

    Fucking riot time bruh. :(

    on 26 March 2020

    Not gonna lie, that Direct was ... phew ...

    on 26 March 2020

    Curl, maybe it's time to give Astral Chain a try ; )

    on 26 March 2020

    I did actually, my little brother bought it. Wasn't quite to my tastes though I can certainly see its appeal.
    But yeah wtf is going on with Bayo 3, after nearly 2 and half years of nothing...

    on 01 April 2020

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on curl-6's wall:

    Hey dude, how are things?

    Hey :)
    They're okay; got another round of scans coming up in a couple of days so nervous about the results of those, but they should be okay as it's been less than two months since my last ones came back clear.
    Thanks for asking, how are you doing?

    on 01 March 2020

    Good to hear! Hoping for the best.

    I'm doing alright. I just have a couple of exams left for the semester, afterwards I'll finally have some free time. I haven't played anything in a long while, I'm probably gonna try to work on my 3DS backlog.

    Still need to save up for a Switch!

    on 06 March 2020

    Ah, the one thing about University I don't miss, the exams haha. Best of luck with them, I'm sure you'll do well!

    on 06 March 2020

    Thanks! ^^

    on 06 March 2020

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    Better Nintendo CEO?

    in Nintendo Discussion 10 hours ago

    You can tell a lot about a leader too in how they deal with hard times; Iwata may have presided over the Wii U/3DS slump, but in his final days he organized what would go on to be an earth-shattering comeback, as well as taking a personal pay cut when profits slowed rather than lay off workers. Yamauchi by contrast seemed to dig his heels in when the going got tough; he oversaw Nintendo's...

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    Original Xbox or Xbox One?

    in Microsoft Discussion 10 hours ago

    Chris Hu said:  The X1 beats the original X Box in quality and quantity no matter how you look at it as it easly should since it will get supported over twice as long.  The original X Box is barely better then the Dreamcast when it comes to consoles from that generation and it only got supported for two years. Quantity yes, but quality is subjective. And for a lot of...

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    Global Hardware June 28 to July 4 - Switch Sells Over 300,000 Units

    in Sales Discussion 11 hours ago

    Yeah they'll obviously try to produce as many as they can, 10% more was probably just based on what their realworld manufacturing capacity is. I mean they can't just press a button and get 30 million Switches made in a year, even ignoring the disruptive effects of the pandemic, there's a limited amount of production line capacity available which they have to compete with other electronics makers...


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