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Forums - Website Topics - The Sixth Annual 50 Greatest Games Event! Sign Up and Join the Fun!

GamrConnect, hold on to your butts, 'cause it's that time again.

On November 12, there will be exactly 50 days until December 31, the last day of the 2015 year (Did that go by fast or what?!).

If you didn't notice, for the past five years gamrConnect held an event that let each and every participating member list his/her 50 favorite games of all time, and each year has been a blast! I may be a wee bit biased, but there's nothing better than when a gaming community comes together to talk about the incredible games that have shaped our lives. I'd love to continue this awesome VGChartz tradition of ours!

For those who don't know, the basic premise of this event is this:

  • On November 12th (50 days left in the year), each participant will post their 50th All-Time favorite game in the upcoming main thread.
  • On November 13th (49 days left in the year), each participant will post their 49th All-Time favorite game in the thread.
  • This will go on until December 31st, where everyone will finally post their #1 favorite game.

So, before we get started on November 12th, I figured that we can have a sign up page!

Here's the rules for signing up:

  • Post in here expressing that you would like to participate.
  • If you are interested, please try to sign up before November 12th (I can always make exceptions, but it's easier if you can let me know before that date.)

When I see that you're interested in participating, I'll add your name to the list! Very simple this time around (I'll leave the more complicated stuff for later ^_~).

Also, I shall be posting the Official Thread November 11th, and and we'll all be there to post the next day.

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  • November 12th will be the 50th day before the end of the 2015 year.
  • Starting on November 12th, you will begin to post your All Time Top 50 Games. This includes games on ALL systems (including mobile!) and ALL generations.
  • For each day that passes, you will post one more game.
    • For Example: On the 50th Day (November 12th) you will post your 50th Favorite Game. 
    • On the 49th Day (November 13th) you will post your 49th Favorite Game.
    • Etc. Etc.
  • Your final and favorite game of all time should be posted on December 31st, the last day of the year.

What Games Can You Pick?:

  • I'm afraid I won't be allowing games that have been released after October 31st, 2015.
    • This means no XenoBlade Chronicles X, Fallout 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Star Wars: Battlefront, or any gamet that releases after October 31st. Sorry, but there's always next year for these games!
  • Please do not add Game Collections, Compilations, and the like.
    • Games like Metroid Prime Trilogy, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Halo: Master Chief Collection, and The Orange Box will not be allowed.
    • Please choose single, stand alone games for your Top 50.
  • Remakes, Remasters, and the like are fine to put into your list.
    • However, when possible, remasters and most remakes should be included with the original game.
    • For Example, you cannot enter "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)" and "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)" as seperate entries into your list.
    • Please enter it as the following: "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64/3DS)".
    • If a remake offers enough unique content to seperate itself from its older title (Prominent examples include Resident Evil (GCN) and Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA)), then it can be counted as a stand alone game.
    • This works on a game by game basis. If you're not sure on whether a remake does enough to be counted as a separate game, ask me!
  • Game Expansions and DLC Content should be included with the original game.
    • Example: StarCraft: Brood War should be included with StarCraft as one entry.
    • Example: Mario Kart 8 DLC content should be included with Mario Kart 8 as one entry.

Making Your List (and Checking it Twice!):

  • On November 11th (the day before we begin), I will create the Official Thread, where you will enter your list.
  • YOU WILL ONLY POST ONCE in the official thread. This will be your one personal post where you will edit your list daily.
    • I repeat, you will ONLY POST ONCE.
  • Each day you will post one game from your top 50 list. Going from your 50th favorite game (November 12th) to your #1 favorite game (December 31st).
    • Remember, descending order.
  • Don't worry if you miss a day or even a week. If you do, all you need to do is post the appropriate number of games in your list to catch up with the rest of us.
    • For example, if you're seven days behind, the post the seven games to catch up.
  • Please include the system(s) that you played the game on.
    • Example: Ninjabread Man (Wii), or for multiple consoles: Okami (PlayStation 2/Wii)
  • For your list in the Official Thread, please DO NOT include any descriptions or images. Keep your list clean, concise, and to the point.
    • We'll have a Discussion Thread where you can discuss your favorite games all you want. So save your descriptions, images, and hotlinks for there.
  • It's alright if you have a change of heart and want to change a few games around during your time with this event.
    • As long as you make the changes in your list before December 31st, it's perfectly allowed.
  • Remember, your ONE POST in the Official Thread is where you'll make your list and edit your games in.

How You Can Help Ol' Smeags Out:

  • Whether you want to go day by day with each game, or even if you dont have the time but still want to submit a list... you can help me out!
  • I'd really appreciate it if you PM'ed me your entire top 50 list AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The earlier I have it, the earlier I can get to work for the celebration event!
    • HOWEVER: The list you send me is the list I'll use. I'm too impatient to receive 3 revisions!
  • Again, I'd really appreciate if you sent me a PM of your top 50 List As Soon As Possible! Thank you!


  • Either PM me or contact me on my wall. I'll try to get back to you ASAP. ^_^


The 6th Annual Greatest Games Event starts now!


# List Received
1 Anfebious
2 Augen
3 AxumBlade
4 AZWification
5 BasilZero
6 BMan54
7 BraLoD
8 Carl2291
9 Celador
10 ClassicGamingWizzz
11 Cloudman
12 Clyde32
13 ConeGamer
14 CWegzz
15 D21Lewis
16 DarwinianEvolution
17 Dr.Vita
18 Edwardooo
19 Episteme
20 Farsala
21 Forest-Spirit
22 Genius16
23 Gooch_Destroyer
24 Green_Sky
25 Hamo0odi90
26 HomokHarcos
27 Hynad
29 IveyBoi
30 Kaiser
31 Ka-Pi96
32 KeybladeWielder
33 Kjartan
35 Kresnik
36 KungKras
37 Kyuu
38 Leadified
39 MegaOverlord12
40 Mike321
41 MohammidBadir
42 MoHasanie
43 Morenoingrato
44 Mr_No
45 MrYoshi
46 mZuzek
47 NeoDegenerate
48 Nikkom
49 NobleTeam360
50 PavoLink
51 PenguinZ
52 Platina
53 Player2
54 PlayMatt
55 PoliwrathLord
56 QuakeCore89
57 RavenXtra
58 RedInker
59 ReimTime
60 RingoGaSuki
61 S.Peelman
62 Salnax
63 Scoobes
64 SethNintendo
65 SkullWaker
66 Slade6Alpha
67 Smeags
68 Smeags' Brother
69 Solid-Stark
70 SoulFly666
71 SpurgeonRyan
72 Teeqoz
73 TheProf00
74 TheRepublic
75 Tiffac
76 TruckOSaurus
77 TsoGud
78 TucoTuti
79 Turtuls
80 UltraShroomz
81 Uran10
82 Veknoid_Outcast
83 VGPolyglot
84 Wonktonodi
85 Zappykins
86 Zekkyou


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"Just for comparison Uncharted 4 was 20x bigger than Splatoon 2. This shows the huge difference between Sony's first-party games and Nintendo's first-party games."

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I am in! Best time of the year.

Again? Well, at least I don't think I'll have to do many changes this year.

Here we go! Sign me up.

There has been a slight (or not so slight) change in the rules.

Before I was very strict on my view of Remakes, in that all remakes were to be viewed in line with the older title they were based on.

Now, if the remake offers enough content and revision to stand on its own, then I will allow it to be seen as a separate entry.

The two biggest examples were Resident Evil (GameCube) and Metroid: Zero Mission (GameBoy Advance). Despite being remakes of Resident Evil (PlayStation) and Metroid (NES), they offer new content to be seen as unique games in their respective series.

This post/rule change was made in memory of KylieDog. Somewhere out there, you're still hating on some random game. And we salute you.

Sign me up