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    Do you think the Switch will sell more in 2021?

    in Sales Discussion 2 days ago

    At this point I expect next year to be another huge one. MH Rise and carried over demand from this year should push Japan alone to 7 mil sales. And if it does get a new model then that should help keep its momentum going strong in the rest of the world. To answer the name of the thread I strongly doubt it'll sell more than in 2020, but I could see it being another 25 mil+ year. ...

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    Famitsu Sales: Week 38, 2020 (Sept 14 - Sep 20)

    in Sales Discussion 2 days ago

    tbone51 said: Can everyone help me make a software list for NSW next year. It’s going to be insane. Off top of my head..... (japan releases)+++Third Party Confirmed+++Bravely Default 2SMTVMHRMHS2Balan WonderworldRune Factory 5Disgaea 6No more heroes 3 Well Bravely Default II still has some chance of making it in 2020. Hasn't been officially delayed yet. I think you got most...

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    I predict 10 million PS5 shipped by March 2021

    in Sales Discussion 2 days ago

    If they are able to ship that much then they will. I don't expect sales in the same timeframe to be more than 7,5 mil, but I think you're right that after the PS4 being undershipped at launch they're aiming to ship a lot early on this time. ...

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    Will Cloud Gaming portably affect the Switch's appeal and success?

    in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago

    Cloud gaming is still in its infancy and not a real threat to consoles as of yet. I doubt it'll have much of an impact on Switch, but it could affect their next console. And somewhere down the road, if Cloud gaming does make it big, Nintendo might join in on it, or alternatively partner up with one of the existing services. ...

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    How many units will the PS5 sell in 2020?

    in Sales Discussion 4 days ago

    Having Japan included in the initial release this time pretty much guarantees that it'll outdo the PS4 in 2013. I'd expect it to be around 5 mil. ...

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    Best current system

    in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago

    Since I play most multiplats on PC, it pretty much comes down to exclusives for me and the Switch takes that. Sony have really stepped up their 1st lineup in recent years which is great to see, but Nintendo have been on point with one amazing game after the other since the Switch launced. ...

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    Top 5 Best VGC users so far

    in General Discussion 6 days ago

    Platina said: The best users on VGChartz. Let's get right into it: Rolstoppable - My only regret was moderation. He’s cool mZuzek - He’s not a furry. That's cool kirby007 - Is even better than the previous 6 kirbys that I can’t barely tolerate. Probably cool curl-6 - Which is his best thread? Something definitely cool Cloudman - He likes Dawn of the New World. Not...

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    "Konami" trends on Twitter with fans asking Sony to adquire their IPs in response to Micro's Beth acquisition

    in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago

    Konami and Bethesda really have an eerily similar track record as of late. Both have developed nothing of value since 2015 (Fallout 4, MGS V), and both of them buchered those same franchises in 2018 (Fallout 76, Metal Gear Survive). Bethesda at least have some huge games on the horizon, god only knows what Konami is doing. ...

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    Considering only games that are available in both physical and digital form, how high is your share of physical purchases?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 September 2020

    80-99 % physical. The only time I buy digital games are Humble Bundles and it's often only a few of those games that have physical counterparts on PC. Also haven't bought one in quite a while. ...

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    Famitsu Sales: Week 37, 2020 (Sept 07 - Sep 13)

    in Sales Discussion on 18 September 2020

    I'm sensing a pattern for Switch mega hits in Japan: March 2020 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons March 2021 - Monster Hunter Rise So I'm calling it now: March 2022 - Dragon Quest XII (Switch & other platforms) ...

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    Famitsu Sales: Week 37, 2020 (Sept 07 - Sep 13)

    in Sales Discussion on 17 September 2020

    tbone51 said: IcaroRibeiro said: Mario Kart 8 sales are so underrated, I feel it will outsell Sword and Shield and Smash eventually and become the second best selling Switch game on JP Spoke to soon, MH will take that honor with 7mil sales like I been saying all year, 2021 will peak and beat 2020 sales imo Goddamn, that definitely qualifies as a bold prediction....

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    Famitsu Sales: Week 37, 2020 (Sept 07 - Sep 13)

    in Sales Discussion on 17 September 2020

    I bet they'll release a Monster Hunter themed Switch next year. If Disney Tsum Tsum can get one you better believe Monster Hunter is getting one. ...

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    Monster Hunter Rise announced for Switch, mainline entry

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 September 2020

    My first reaction: Repede is that you? I haven't played any Monster Hunter games besides Tri and I didn't get very far in that, but I've been wanting to give the series another shot so maybe I'll get this. And now we know that 2021 will be another nuts year for the Switch in Japan. It's certainly a win for Tbone's prediction that it will peak next year. ...

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    Famitsu Sales: Week 36, 2020 (Aug 31 - Sep 06)

    in Sales Discussion on 17 September 2020

    [First Week:] PS5: 250k PS5 DE: 85k PS5 Total: 335k XSX: 23k XSS: 8k XSXS Total: 31k [First Month:] PS5: 345k PS5 DE: 120k PS5 Total: 465k XSX: 29k XSS: 12k XSXS Total: 41k Not really sure about the ratios for PS4 DE and XSS, Japan usually likes their physical games a lot, but the lower price tag might still convince a bunch. ...

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    Ps5 games cost 80 euros in europe...

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 September 2020

    Damn, Europe often gets screwed but this is next level. Glad I already had no plans to buy a next-gen console anytime soon. ...

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    August NPD 2020: Switch 504k, PS4 197k, XBO 45k

    in Sales Discussion on 15 September 2020

    RolStoppable said: UnderwaterFunktown said: If that was the case wouldn't the PS4 have been higher last month when the Xbone had abysmal stock? It was 150k then, so I don't see a clear connection. Regardless its a step up for everyone, didn't expect Xbox to recover or for the PS4 to be that high. Last month didn't have any particular reason to have to have an Xbox, so...

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    August NPD 2020: Switch 504k, PS4 197k, XBO 45k

    in Sales Discussion on 14 September 2020

    RolStoppable said: mk7sx said: Leaks from Era HW YoY NSW + 109% (504,700)PS4 -1% (197,000)XBO -50% (45,400) Looks like the PS4 is benefiting from the lowered Xbox One production where only the S keeps being made. If that was the case wouldn't the PS4 have been higher last month when the Xbone had abysmal stock? It was 150k then, so I don't see a clear...

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    August NPD 2020: Switch 504k, PS4 197k, XBO 45k

    in Sales Discussion on 14 September 2020

    Just when I'd decided to lower my prediction for the Switch after being significantly too high the last 2 months, they pull this. What's most impressive is that they managed to do this in the same month that they had crazy strong Obon weeks in Japan. The DS peak years better watch out. Switch will at least get close if nothing else. ...

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    Super Mario Party shipped 10.94m by June 30th. Lifetime sales expectations?

    in Sales Discussion on 14 September 2020

    It has had crazy legs so far frankly. If they release another Mario Party on Switch that could slow it down though, and I sort of expect them to do just that. With that in mind I'll say 15-16 mil. ...

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    Best third console?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 September 2020

    N64 got a few excellent games, but PS3 has that too as well as a long, long list of great ones, so I ended up voting for PS on all of these. I'd vote for the GameCube against the PS4 though, but since Xbox doesn't have a 4th console yet, I wonder if you'll make a thread for that? ...

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