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< siebensus4 posted something on coolbeans's wall:

I finally managed to play "Brothers"! I really enjoyed the mystic setting and atmosphere, which could also be inspired by some Fumito Ueda games. "The Last Guardian" is one of my all-time favourite games, and it's also about friendship and an invented language. "Brothers" has a great gameplay concept, though I have to admit that I played it with a fried in two player mode on Switch, so the experience was maybe a bit different than originally intented.

Are there more atricles about "Favourite of the Decade" by other VGChartz staff members to come? I haven't seen any article about this in a while...

Awesome. Glad you enjoyed it. The Switch 2-player co-op sounds...interesting but I'm glad I went with 1-player back then. Although I didn't get far into it, The Last Guardian is an apt comparison in respect to companionship. I should get back to completing Trico's titles.

As of right now? I can't say. Seems like the idea fizzled out once several of the bigger writers wrote up their lists. A good # of the site's favorites made it in the top 25, so they felt it concluded there.

on 03 August 2020

< Mnementh posted something on coolbeans's wall:

Hello. You participated in the past in the greatest game event. Are you willing to share your top50 games again this year? The event starts in a few days, so if you wanna join it is time to sign up:

*Sigh*...I'm quite tempted but also grinding out some games to review atm.

on 09 November 2019

Thanks though.

on 09 November 2019

Then next year maybe you are joining again?

on 09 November 2019

Too far out to guarantee it, but I certainly hope so!

on 09 November 2019

< COKTOE posted something on coolbeans's wall:

It says in your bio that KOTOR is your favorite game of all time. I find as time wears on, it's more difficult for me to pin down what game holds that distinction. But if I had to give an answer, it would be KOTOR.

Played through 6 times, One fore each class. 4 male s and 2 female, trying out the gay option for each sex once as well.

Dang dude! A real trooper right there.

on 08 August 2019

< Final-Fan posted something on coolbeans's wall:

Hi, looking forward to your reply on the 14th amendment issue. Please note that I edited my post to correct my failure to recall (when posting my most recent response) that the USA does currently have one incorporated territory, Palmyra Atoll; people born there are given citizenship by the 14th Amendment (like the states proper, but unlike unincorporated territories such as Puerto Rico, some of which have been given citizenship by Congress and some of which haven't, and also unlike Indian reservations).


on 11 November 2018

Did you ever check out Digibro? I was kind of trolling you. Because unless you're into anime ... you wouldn't like his analysis lol

Darn it! Not yet.

on 27 September 2017

You have to be into anime to like him, so if you're not it's fine anyways. Plus he's a little .... eccentric? lol xD

on 27 September 2017

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Likely hasn't slept on a Casper mattress. ...

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PS5 Showcase - Wednesday Sept 16

in Sony Discussion 3 hours ago

DonFerrari said: coolbeans said: Okay.  If so clear and concise about their framing of potential cross-gen games then why would you even be cagey about that with Miles Morales or Horizon II for so long?  You can't disregard the context surrounding that.  I'd have been savaged for locking in a prediction of Horizon II being available on PS4 just a few days...

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in General Discussion 18 hours ago

Is currently lacking proper lumbar support without a Casper mattress. ...


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