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On November 12th, there will be exactly 50 days until December 31st, the last day of 2019 and of the decade. It's a special time for many reasons, one of which being what goes down here on VGC.

Nine years ago, a certain Smeags made a fun thread for people to list and talk about their 50 favorite games, and since then it's become a tradition around here. Leadified carried the torch on for a couple of years after Smeags left, and now, well, here we are. This is the 10th time the event has been held, and I'm honored to be here for the celebration of our first decade.

For now, however, things will proceed as usual - that is,

• On November 12th (50 days left in the year), each participant will post their 50th all-time favorite game in the upcoming official thread.
• On November 13th (49 days left in the year), each participant will post their 49th all-time favorite game in the thread.
• This will go on until December 31st, when everyone will finally post their #1 favorite game.

So, before we start, this is the time to sign up! It isn't exactly the most difficult thing, you just have to:

• Post in here before November 13th saying you'd like to enter. That's all! (I might be accepting some more people in for a while after November 13th, but please don't push it!)

I'll be posting both the Official Thread and the Discussion Thread on November 10th. The rules are largely the same as they've been in the past, but there are some minor alterations, so be sure to check them again if you don't remember much.

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• November 12th will be the 50th day before the end of 2019.

• Starting on November 12th, you will begin to post your all time top 50 Games. This includes games on ALL systems (mobile, PC, console, handheld, anything) and ALL generations.

• For each day that passes, you will post one more game, for example:
      • On the 50th Day (November 12th) you will post your 50th favorite game.
      • On the 49th Day (November 13th) you will post your 49th favorite game, etc.

• Your final and favorite game of all time should be posted on December 31st, the last day of the year.

• Your list will still be accepted if you decide to be a fun-killer and post the whole thing ahead of time. However, it will only be accepted if you post it in the Official Thread or send it to me via PM - if you post the full list anywhere else, it will be discarded and I won't be accepting any further lists from you.

What games can you pick?

• Games that release after October 31, 2019 will not be allowed.
      • This means no Death Stranding, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Pokémon Sword/Shield, Shenmue III, and so on.
      • Luigi's Mansion 3 releases on October 31, so it's allowed.

• Please do not add game collections, compilations, and the like.
      • Games like Metroid Prime: Trilogy, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, The Orange Box, etc. will not be allowed.
      • Please choose single, stand alone games for your Top 50.

• Remakes, Remasters, and the like are fine to put into your list, but:
      • Remasters and most remakes should be included with the original game.
      • For Example, you cannot enter "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)" and "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)" as separate entries into your list.
      • Please enter it as the following: "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64/3DS)".
      • If a remake offers enough unique content to separate itself from its older title (prominent examples include Resident Evil (GC) and Metroid: Samus Returns), then it can be counted as a stand alone game.
      • This works on a game by game basis. If you're not sure on whether a remake does enough to be counted as a separate game, ask me!

• Game Expansions and DLC Content should be included with the original game.
      • Example: StarCraft: Brood War should be included with StarCraft as one entry.
      • Example: Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows or Specter of Torment content should be included with Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove as one entry.

• Fan Games are allowed but mods are not.
      • Example: AM2R will be accepted but the Project M mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl will not be.

Making your list (and checking it twice!):

• On November 10th (two days before we begin), I will create the Official Thread, where you will post your empty list.
      • YOU WILL ONLY POST ONCE in the official thread. This will be your one personal post where you will edit your list daily.
      • I repeat, you will ONLY POST ONCE.

• Each day you will add one more game to your post, going from your 50th favorite game (November 12th) to your #1 favorite game (December 31st).
      • Remember, descending order.

• Don't worry if you miss a day or even a week. If you do, all you need to do is post the appropriate number of games in your list to catch up with the rest of us.
      • For example, if you're seven days behind, just add the seven missing games to catch up.

Please include the platforms(s) that you played the game on, and only the ones you've played on!
      • Example: Ninjabread Man (Wii), or for multiple consoles: Okami (PlayStation 2/Wii/Xbox One)

• Reboots often have the same name as the original game, if you include a reboot in your list please make that clear.
      • Example: Doom (Reboot) (PC), Doom (Original) (PC)
      • You can also specify the game by year of release instead of "Reboot/Original".

• For your list in the Official Thread, please DO NOT include any descriptions or images. Keep your list clean, concise, and to the point.
      • We'll have a Discussion Thread where you can discuss your favorite games all you want. Please post your images, descriptions and links in there.

• It's alright if you have a change of heart and want to change a few games around during your time with this event.
      • As long as you make the changes to your list before December 31st, it's perfectly allowed.

• Remember, your ONE POST in the Official Thread is where you'll make your list and edit your games in.

How you can help me out:

Whether you want to go day by day with each game, or even if you don't have the time but still want to submit a list... you can help me out!

I'd really appreciate it if you PM'ed me your entire top 50 list AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The earlier I have it, the earlier I can get to work for the celebration event!
• HOWEVER: The list you send me is the list I'll use. I can work some revisions in, but please keep it reasonable.
• In other words, the list you send me is the FINAL list.

• Again, I'd really appreciate if you sent me a PM of your top 50 list as soon as possible! Thank you!


• Either PM me or contact me on my wall. I'll try to get back to you ASAP.

Links to the past:

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The 10th Annual Greatest Games Event begins now!

Sign ups below:

# User
1 mZuzek
2 The_Liquid_Laser
3 Darashiva
4 ARamdomGamer
5 BraLoD
6 Ka-pi96
8 Jpcc86
9 Kjartan
10 S.Peelman
11 Mar1217
12 RingoGaSuki
13 Darwinianevolution
14 Shadow1980
15 Cerebralbore101
16 Machina
17 Immersiveunreality
18 Veknoid_Outcast
20 Mnementh
21 Flilix
22 StarDoor
23 derpysquirtle64
24 Keybladewielder
25 Landale_Star
26 TruckOSaurus
27 Hiku
28 Bisa (VersusEvil)
29 killeryoshis
30 Pemalite
31 HylianSwordsman
32 brute
33 GoOnKid
34 Chrkeller
35 Jaicee
36 Link_knight30
37 axumblade
38 Kresnik
39 forest-spirit
40 RolStoppable
41 green_sky
42 Alex_The_Hedgehog
43 jason1637
44 SanAndreasX
45 KiigelHeart
46 Iveyboi
47 MTZehvor
48 rapsuperstar31
49 Farsala
50 hamo0odi90
51 Player2
52 Random_Matt
53 FarleyMcFirefly
54 outlawauron
55 tripenfall
56 Platina
57 Scoobes
58 DonFerrari
59 super_etecoon
60 Ultrashroomz
61 JimmyFantasy
62 NobleTeam360
63 sethnintendo
64 Xen
65 tsogud
66 shikamaru317
67 theRepublic
68 JuliusHackebeil
69 Eric2048
70 Bofferbrauer2
71 SecondWar
72 AlbiNecroxz
73 EricFabian
74 Agente42
75 Marth
76 LimaBean01
77 StreaK
78 Pavolink
79 gooch_destroyer
80 Pajderman
81 Moren
82 Teeqoz

(Green indicates user has already submit their full list.)

And we're live!

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Ahh I want to be in on the mystery ... are there Scooby snacks?

The_Yoda said:
Ahh I want to be in on the mystery ... are there Scooby snacks?

No more mystery, thread is up now... without Scooby snacks, I'm sorry to say.

I wouldn't mind it if you joined us, though!

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I'm in!

Yeah, I'll put together my list once again.

I'm in, as usual.

Count me in.
Nobody gonna know my top 1 until the very last day!

I'm in!