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    Do you plan on getting the now officially announced 3D Mario Collection?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 September 2020

    Yep. Mario Galaxy is one of the best of all time and I would've bought it by itself. Never actually finished 64 or Sunshine, so it'll be a good chance to run through them too. ...

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    How many 30 million sellers will Switch have?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 August 2020

    Mario Kart and Animal Crossing are both going to be 35-40m sellers at least. I can see Smash crawling its way there if the Switch 2 doesn't drop before 2024 (and there's a third set of DLC), Pokemon Sw/Sh could do it but given their current legs I think they will likely top out at ~25-27.5m (again, assuming there's no more DLC and there's a mainline release next year to replace them). BOTW will...

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    What other games do you want to see on Switch?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 August 2020

    Pokemon Gen 4 remakes - with all Platinum's features, and additional stuff too. Pikmin 4 More new Dragon Quest games - be they 12, a remake of an older title or whatever. Another Fire Emblem or two (Genealogy remake, 3H sequel) Super Mario Galaxy 3 Mario RPG (Either a sequel to Mario RPG or a new Mario and Luigi). Mario Hoops sequel The Sims Earthbound series remaster (I would also like a...

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    Bold Prediction: Animal Crossing going to Cross the 25mil Horizon

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 August 2020

    Definitely wasn't bold enough at all. AC is doing 40m+ LT, definitely. ...

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    Nintendo quarterly sales update (Switch 61.44m, Animal Crossing 22.4m)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 August 2020

    Animal Crossing is the boss. It's doing 40m LT for sure. Going to overtake Mario Kart by the end of the year with its first holiday to come. Pokemon Sword/Shield are going to overtake Gold/Silver/Crystal by the end of the year too. ...

    Write 74

    Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch - 30th October

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 August 2020

    Fuck yes!!!! Coming with all the DLC, Piklopedia and additional missions with Olimar/Louie too. Very happy to grab this.

    Prepare yourselves, brave explorers! Set-off for the lush planet PNF-404 when #Pikmin 3 Deluxe lands on 10/30! This version features multiple difficulty modes, new side-story missions featuring Olimar & Louie, and all the...

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    Poll - Is Switch a 9th gen console?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 August 2020

    Yes it is. It succeeded the 8th gen Wii U and 3DS, therefore it is a 9th gen console, regardless of whether it released earlier than PS5 and XSX. The Dreamcast launched in 1998, two years before the PS2 and three before Gamecube and Xbox, does it therefore belong to the 5th gen with the N64 and PSX? No, of course not. It succeeded the 5th gen Saturn, and is therefore a 6th gen console. Same...

    Write 59

    Lucky you! You're the new head of Nintendo. What do you do?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 August 2020

    I'd be selfish and fund/promote things I like to start. - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky gets a remake with an art-style that's inbetween the original and Octopath Traveller (HD 2D, but with the character of the original designs), a remastered soundtrack and even more story content added. New dungeons and all Pokemon from Gen V-VIII get added too. - Fire Emblem Geneaology Remake,...

    Write 111

    Over 3 years in, Switch is still missing basic features.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 July 2020

    Eh, the only one of those that I miss is the activity log. I have 1000 devices that can do Netflix/Internet, no need for the Switch to have it (would be a nice feature, but nothing to cry about imo). 3DS' activity lock was the GOAT, I viewed mine almost daily (I think it was ironically my most opened 3DS app last time I checked), I wish they'd bring it to the Switch, the data is all stored...

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    Who will lead in LTD sales: Poke v Odyssey v BotW v AC in Aug '20 quarterly results?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 July 2020

    I don't think anything will be able to hold AC down. It's been incredible, so many people I know who had zero interest in games have fought to buy a Switch just to play it. It's momentum has been sustained as well. My predictions: 1. Animal Crossing NH 21m 2. Pokemon Sw/Sh 19m 3. Zelda BOTW 18.5m 4 Mario Odyssey 18.3m ...

    Write 111

    Should schools reopen?

    in General Discussion on 25 July 2020

    Fuck no. It's among the worst possible ideas one could have. School should be online only. If lower-income families need help for devices/internet, [i]give it to them[/i]. It's simple! ...

    Write 46

    Is the Switch's 3rd Party Support a Major reason why the Switch is selling well?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 July 2020

    No. Nintendo's first-party has been excellent game after excellent game this generation, there hasn't been a stinker yet. Third-party is very much welcome (DQXI, Civ VI and Octopath are both some of my favourites!) but the console is selling because of Nintendo, the third-parties are just a bonus really. Sales say that too (though the numbers are muuuuuuuuuuuuch healthier than any Nintendo home...

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    Will the Nintendo Switch overtake the PS4 in terms of sales worldwide?

    in Sales Discussion on 13 July 2020

    Yes it will. I think PS4 is going to finish in between 125-130m. Switch will end up between 130-135m, slightly ahead. ...

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    For or against GTA V on the Nintendo Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 July 2020

    I just don't care tbh. Rockstar games don't interest me at all. ...

    Write 47

    How much will Paper Mario: The Origami King sell lifetime?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 July 2020

    2m if that. It doesn't look exciting at all, I just don't understand who its target market is supposed to be. ...

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    Recommend good JRPGS for Switch.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 July 2020

    Fire Emblem Three Houses and Dragon Quest XI S are the best games on the Switch, not just the best JRPGs. Go for DQ next if you've already played 3H. ...

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    What's your Least Favorite Nintendo Home Console?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 June 2020

    A contest between Wii U and N64. Wii U had Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2, N64 had Paper Mario and Pokemon Snap...Wii U is the worse one here. ...

    Write 24

    Pokemon Unite announced (League of Pokemon) for Switch and mobile

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 June 2020

    Hard pass. Fuck Tencent. ...

    Write 57

    Best looking Nintendo console (Design)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 June 2020

    I really like all the designs minus the Wii U, but Switch is just perfection. ...

    Write 26

    Your game expectations for the Switch on 2H 2020

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 June 2020

    I'm hoping Snap comes ASAP, but feel like that will be a September-early October game. Pokemon's going to be the big holiday game again this year, not just Snap, but New Pokemon Colosseum/Let's Go Johto too. ...

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