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I'm in! The list should have quite a few additions this time around.

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I'd like to give this a shot. Though in the past I stayed out of it because making a Top 50 list seems a bit difficult. I have a hard time ranking my Top 10 even, but I'll try.

OK, time to wake up some more people to the thread, that participated last year. After all this is the 10th time, we need more participants.

So where are @killeryoshis @Slarvax @Kai_Mao @Bisa @Marth ?

Enough for today.

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Signing up.

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Good stuff, Mnementh.

I do wanna get as many people in here as possible, but it's been a bit of a busy weekend for me. Still plenty of time.

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I didn't see this thread til now. This one snuck up on me. I'll join.

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Let me in!

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Hell yeah! Count me in! Thanks @Mnementh for the reminder!

I'll join

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Pemalite said:
Let me in!