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Immersiveunreality Been on twitter for few weeks now and aaaaaalmoooost deleting my account,never expected it to be THA
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Been on twitter for few weeks now and aaaaaalmoooost deleting my account,never expected it to be THAT bad.

Being dogpiled by anarchists for some days now because i commented that a reform is needed ,but they want the total removal of policeforce,insanely stupid young people on twitter.

3 days ago

< COKTOE posted something on Immersiveunreality's wall:

So, no Dark Souls Remastered sale the North American store. I appreciate the gesture though. Dark Souls 2: Scholar Of The First Sin and Dark Souls 3 are on sale, but I already have physical copies.

Playing Dark Souls 1 remastered and just owned the capra demon big time,what a lil bitch! (had a lot of luck while also panicking)

And now i entered Sens Fortress hell,if you make it to the first bonfire there you kinda mastered the place.

on 01 July 2020

OOoh and Blighttown is not as bad as i remembered,you can cheese the big dudes with clubs by letting them fall of platforms.

on 01 July 2020

Yes ,time to go to Anor londo!
Snorlax and Pickachu ,here i come !

on 05 July 2020

K did not have problems with Ornstein and Smough,pillars are lifesavers.Seath the scaleless is making me feel stupid for getting cursed on him 2 times so took a break to farm some humanity for the chaos covenant.

on 10 July 2020

I really need to try DSR. Demon's Souls is still the only souls game I have played, and I did love it. At this point though, I think it would be amusing if the next Souls game I played was Demon's Souls RM. The alpha and the omega.

on 19 July 2020

Ugh, by DSR I mean Dark Souls Remastered.

on 19 July 2020

Demon Souls has a nice story behind it as it was supposed to be something similar than Skyrim and that was what sony asked from them but it got stuck in development hell and was just expected to be an easy to cancel sideproject and Amored core was the main thing,then Miyazaki came to work there and was firstly refused to work on the project and secondly had differences with the person directing the game when he was allowed to help.When the main director stopped working there Miyazaki got the development under his control and was able to convince everyone to ignore the impossible task from Sony and make it third person instead of first and focus trail and error + interconnecting areas.

on 19 July 2020

On TGS journalists were able to play a demo of it and it got blasted because it was designed to be that hard and people at that time werent really used anymore to games with a challenging nature

on 19 July 2020

So it was not even out and already got a bad reputation and reaction to the TGS demo was described by Kajii as "nothing short of a disaster"

on 19 July 2020

Initial sales were slow and Sony did not even bother to bring it overseas as it was seen as a failure,i think atlus later helped publishing it in the west were it became loved.

on 19 July 2020

I never knew any of that. Thanks for the rundown. :)

on 19 July 2020

Have gone almost through most of Stephen King His Insomnia book and it again reminded me what i liked about his books so i'm positive about that but i do think he is one of the most shallow and one of the writers that is most dependant on stereotypes of all time and for his popularity his quality is lacking.

Alright ending of book was so weak an yet again cliche as hell,and Stephen King is a good storyteller but his writing is hit or miss.I'm gonna take a break from his books and start reading some UK literature,in my experience those are a bit less hollywoodesque with more believable characters.

on 05 July 2020

I can not wait to continue doing te Sekiro playtrough with my brother in law when the corona madness ends,currently invested in a playtrough of dragon quest 11 and that game is just amazing,so happyni decided to play it.

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Sexiest non-genital body part

in NSFW Discussion 15 hours ago

Difficult,i tie what i find sexy a lot to what i find romantic or sensual.Hand and arms,face,shoulders and neck,the curve going from stomach to hips. Genitals are not really looking that attractive to me. ...

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Would you date someone from the opposite side of the political spectrum?

in Politics Discussion 17 hours ago

K98632 said: I feel there is much more to this question than dating from the opposite side of the political spectrum. Liberal or conservative has no impact on the personality of the person. I also think someone's political views aren't anywhere near as important as how they view the home, their role in a relationship, and where they want to see themselves in like, 40 years. I would NEVER...

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How old are you?

in General Discussion 1 day ago

36 and it still feels like being 20 was yesterday. ...


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