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    < coolbeans posted something on sundin13's wall:

    Hello. Caught your response to me on Politics Thread. Don't want to ignore it, just asking for your patience. Was writing up reviews when the initial response hit so I'll catch it later.

    < RolStoppable posted something on sundin13's wall:

    I wish I could upset you.

    Maybe someday, Rol. Maybe someday.

    on 07 June 2020

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Wishing free coca cola for every dinosaur because that is what matters!

    Now, that would be a political platform I could get behind! Merry Christmas!

    on 30 December 2019

    < RolStoppable posted something on sundin13's wall:

    Now I understand why you put "bees and flowers" in quotations. It's because the English version is about bees and birds.

    Yeah, I had never heard it put that way but it makes so much more sense!

    on 02 June 2019

    I want you to know that i am not against kids learning about genders,in my opinion there are better and more factual graphs to learn from and it is just an honest thought with no intention to fearmonger so the reaction you gave seemed a bit uncalled for/extreme.No need to group me together with others you have been discussing against,i do not share all of their opinions.

    Oh yeah, I shouldn't have made that post. That was just me being frustrated. Sorry and thanks for reaching out!

    on 02 June 2019

    Forgiven and forgotten :p
    I sometimes do not bundle enough information about myself when giving opinions so it is understandable that intentions can be misinterpreted.

    on 02 June 2019

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    Write 5834

    The US Politics |OT|

    in Politics Discussion 2 hours ago

    Slimebeast said: Ka-pi96 said: Talking about yourself? Seriously, what the fuck? Suggesting it was done "as a joke"? Not only is that ridiculous, but that would actually be worse than if he had been trying to hurt the guy! I am trying to analyze the situation and people's behaviour psychologically. I think a reasonable guess is that he very quickly made the decision to...

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    Official 2020 US Presidential Election Thread

    in Politics Discussion 2 hours ago

    The debate was pretty shit for both parties, but I think Biden had more standout positive moments. Overall, I struggle to believe that this will change any minds. Biden's performance was so middling it counter's Trump's "dementia" and "drugs/earpiece" arguments (haha), while Trump was absolutely intolerable but that isn't exactly a surprise so... Biden wins because Trump needs change and Biden...

    Write 32

    Google Bans Censorship-Resistant Competitor, LBRY

    in Politics Discussion 6 hours ago

    Conservatives: Trump will save us from cancel culture Trump: "Fire Chris Matthews" "Fire Vanity Fair staff" "Boycott Glenfiddich" "Boycott HBO" "Boycott Rolling Stone" "Boycott New York Magazine" "Boycott Mexico" (seriously) "Fire National Review staff" "Boycott Univision" "Boycott Macy's" "Fire Fox News staff" "Fire CBS staff" "Fire MSNBC staff" "Boycott Apple" "Fire Wall Street...


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