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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your Top 50 Games: 2011 Sign-Up Thread

On November 12, there will be exactly 50 days until December 31, the last day of the 2011 year.

If you didn't notice, this time last year gamrConnect held an event that let each and every participating member list his/her 50 favorite games of all time, and it was a blast! I want to continue this awesome event of ours (let's start an awesome gamrConnect tradition eh?)

For those who don't know, the basic premise of this event is this:

On November 12th (50 days left in the year), each participant will post their 50th All-Time favorite game in the upcoming main thread. On November 13th (49 days left in the year), each participant will post their 49th All-Time favorite game in the thread. This will go on until December 31st, where everyone will finally post their #1 favorite game.

So, before we get started on November 12th, I figured that we can have a sign up page!

Click Here For the Official Thread

Click Here For the Discussion Thread

Here's the rules for signing up:

  • Post in here expressing that you would like to participate.
  • If you are interested, please try to sign up before November 12th

When I see that you're interested in participating, I'll add your name to the list! Very simple this time around (I'll leave the more complicated stuff for later ^_^).

Please spend the next week and a half coming up with your top 50 games (it is quite a difficult task!). In a couple of days I'll message everyone who has signed up with instructions for posting your game lists. Please look out for it.

Also, I shall be posting the Official Thread November 11th, and and we'll all be there to post the next day.

x Adriane23
x Ajescent
x Attoyou
x AxumBlade
x BadGenome
x BlackSaber
x Boutros
x Carl2291
x CGI-Quality
x Chevinator123
x ClassicGamignWizzz
x ConeGamer
x D21Lewis
x Dsage01
x EnrageOrange
x Forest-Spirit
x GhettoGlamour
x HikaruChan
x IsmailXP
x Kaiser
x Khuutra
x Korppi
x KylieDog
x KyoFlamez
x Mad55
x Metallicube
x Machina
x MetroidKing
x Michael-5
x MilkyJoe
x MoreNoIngrato
x Mordred11
x Mr Khan
x MRKs
x MrT-Tar
x NintendoFanDJ
x NobleTeam360
x Noctis_Nox
x Non-Gravity
x Padib
x PhantomLink
  Rainbow Yoshi
x RolStoppable
x Runa216
x Salnax
x Sapphi_Snake
x Scoobes
x SethNintendo
x Shinobi-San
x SinZinDetta
x Smeags
x Snfr
x SpurgeonRyan
x SvennoJ
x TeddosTheFireKing
x TheHusbo
x TruckOSaurus
x Turtuls
x Wick
x WildVine53
x Yo_John117

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Add me to that list. I didn't vote during the Obama election. I won't let history pass me by, again.

Count me in! :D

3DS FC :  4339 - 3326 - 7693. Add me :) Nickname Tin

I never completed my list last year and it's been haunting me ever since.

This year I'll redeem myself!

Count me in!

I'm in. Again. There's definitely a few games I've played since last year which may just make it this time around.


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I'm in.

This time I hopefully wont get banned half way through


Carl2291 said:
I'm in.

This time I hopefully wont get banned half way through


I totally forgot about that. I think you'll be a-ok this time around though.


Believe in yourself!

I'm in. Will you make a tally for the GammerConnects Community Favorite game ever?

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im in

Although im not entirely sure what im suppose to do...

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Michael-5 said:
I'm in. Will you make a tally for the GammerConnects Community Favorite game ever?

I'll make sure that I don't wait until February to do it this time.


On November 12th (50 days left in the year), everyone who is participating will post their 50th all time favorite game in the upcoming thread. On November 13th (49 days left), everyone will post their 49th favorite game, etc. etc. until December 31st, where you'll post your favorite game of all time. I'm writing up the directions as we speak, and I'll PM you and everyone else with them soon. ^_^