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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox is becoming the unsung hero of this generation

Loving my Series X, a beauty of a console, despite lack of next gen games so far. It's such an improvement and we haven't really seen it firing on all cylinders yet. There's so much cool stuff to come, the usual naysayers will end up stuck in mud once again.

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Shinobi-san said:

By standard metrics of next generation releases, I would say Xbox Series at this point has not even entered in the next gen.

Sony's on the other hand has been somewhat acceptable but pretty slow too.

Are we really buying these boxes for upgrades in resolution and fps??? Wtf is going on with our standards. Are we really waiting 2 to 3 years for compelling next gen experiences?

If not for Astro's playroom and a faster UI this gen is a wash for me.

Make no mistake, Xbox is setting themselves up really well...but thats where it is at the moment - about to pull the trigger. Not quite fired yet!

To each their own. I've been having a great time with my Series X. There are still hundreds of games I never got around to playing last gen, so getting to experience those with these upgrades is really nice. While waiting for the next big exclusives, there is still new games to play on these consoles like RE: Village and Outriders. I've probably played more games on my Series X in the last 6 months than I ever did on any other console in the same time frame and this is due to a combination of Game Pass, BC boost, and quick resume. I can't imagine how I'll be able to keep up once the big games start dropping. 

Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

It is no longer called the most powerful console in the world.
yes, most people were deceived.
And the many advantages Xbox once had were now lost or caught up by Sony.
The only thing left is the most affordable, aka the most consumer-friendly.
This is not the most similar to a brand that once boasted of being the most core gamers.

It's pretty much a wash between ps5 and series X so just because they don't call it the most powerful doesn't mean it's less powerful.
What many advantages did Xbox lose? I don't understand what you're trying to say. 
It's more than just being affordable. Boosting games, BC, and Game Pass are also advantages Xbox has going for it.
Not really sure what you mean. 

Shadow1980 said:
Pemalite said:

This brand loyalty crap is pointless in my opinion, every platform has Pro's and Con's... And it's fine to point those out and talk about them, but endlessly shitting on your competitors platforms is just silly.

I think this is going to be Microsoft's most competitive generation so far, I am absolutely keen to see what they bring to the table... Xbox controller update with Adaptive triggers? More OG Xbox games in backwards compatibility? New studios?

Absolutely this.

Once I finally get a Series X, I'll have owned every major console from the past five generations except for the Saturn (it was discontinued several months before I got my first job). I have had my fair share of both praise and complaints about all of the current Big Three. Perhaps because I've always been a multiplatform person since the 16-bit days, I've never really understood how vociferous people get over their like of a particular brand and, frequently, dislike of other brands. I know where it comes from: the same part of the brain that all other forms of tribalism comes from. Still, why tie your own identity as a person to a particular brand of electronic toy? It's not something serious, like disagreements over matters of public policy.

And I do think that once we're pass these initial phases of the generation, production is steady, and MS gets more and more to offer (e.g., Halo, TES6), this will be a much more competitive generation than the last one. Especially in the U.S., Xbox's best market, where I think this could be the closest horse race we've seen since the one between the SNES and Genesis (which the SNES only won because of better legs post-replacement).

I agree and my hopes have risen, but unlike hope that can rise almost as easily as Captain Yuri at an ecchi convention, earning back respect tends to take longer and because it took having their future existence as a division hanging like the sword of damocles over their head to spur both the Division and MS to action after years of promises that have yielded little in comparison to the competition, it will even with the overwhelming and unprecedented obviousness of the obvious benefits that obviously should flow if you like me obviously own or will eventually own em all or at least one aligned platform but if that wasn't obvious enough like I told my drug dealer after years of promises I don't pay you on the promise of a better future drug supply and you don't gain my respect  just because you have taken over a successful chain of drug labs it means jack all until they reach me.

Lets not forget about poor frank and the others who have been longtime  subscribers to their dealer only to find some of their favourite drugs no longer available and any move toward the competition means grave consequences await that's gotta be a crime against a free and open drug trade.

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KiigelHeart said:

Loving my Series X, a beauty of a console, despite lack of next gen games so far. It's such an improvement and we haven't really seen it firing on all cylinders yet. There's so much cool stuff to come, the usual naysayers will end up stuck in mud once again.

The Daily life of Phil Spencer.

The morning brings sounds of banging on Spencer's office door followed by someone yelling are they here yet,later on further banging and more sounds of are they here yet continue this is followed in the afternoon by more banging and are they here yet still continuing to resound throughout the confines of Xbox headquarters,  finally a desperate voice shouts back just go and stick your head in the mud. suddenly all is quiet and peace has returned allowing Phil to once again resume his  Lotus position atop his desk.

Many years pass till one fateful day a loud bang wakes Phil from his meditation followed by a muffled are they here yet,a wildeyed Phil opens the door to be met by the  strange sight of a creature covered in mud you!! yells Phil only to gain another response of are they here yet ,Suddenly there's a glint in Phil's eye and he says yes yes we have zenimax now, and expecting an excited response is surprised see the creature suddenly turn and stagger down the hall and out into street leaving a trail  of mud on the wall, never to be seen again.Phil once again enters his office puzzled but also glad that the episode has finally ended only to hear his secretary callout there's something written in the mud on the wall looking closer he sees scrawled in mud the words Said Yes.....   Where are they then.

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How is it the unsung hero, when it has so much media attention (social usually) ?
Also you constantly hear about it from MS fans, and everyone agree's GP is good value?

Theres nothing unsung about that.

While I wouldn't agree with all your points the Xbox making such a push to show that backwards compatibility is a key feature clearly also had ripple effects onto the PS5 having near complete PS4 compatibility so it's great that they pushed for that for gamers on either the MS or Sony machine.

One thing I would add @smroadkill15 is that (and I'm sorry if this was mentioned already by someone here) while the argument of "you can play all the games on the PC too though" is true in ways, it's also not exactly easy or possible to do it at the same graphical fidelity of the XBSSX looking at Steam hardware surveys shows that a huge number of people gaming on the PC are still rocking Graphics cards like the 1060 or even the now woeful 1050ti as their card of choice, and even if a PC user wants to upgrade their gaming rig right now to something that is 4k capable it's near impossible to get a GPU better than a 730 without paying wildly above the RRP due to cryptomining, so yeah while it is possible if you have a decent gaming PC to play Microsofts software offerings, Hardware surveys suggests the majority of players could not reach Xbox's current levels of graphic settings on their setups and that a graphical upgrade is near impossible without looking to scalpers.

It would actually be a great time for MS to try and win some PC gamers over to their system by maybe trying to get more PC gamers to look at it the other way around, instead of "but you can also play those games on the PC" thinking of it as "sod it... I can't get a GPU that will run these at 4k, I can also play these games on the XBSSX I'll get that instead"

Why not check me out on youtube and help me on the way to 2k subs over at

Since Microsoft conveniently releases each and every game for PC, I have absolutely zero need to get an Xbox these days. Instead I enjoy playing my games with buttery smooth 144 fps. But yeah, I'm thankful that they made this possible. I also see Sony opening up more for PC gaming. So I guess I won't be getting any console any time soon. Besides Nintendo of course.

Microsoft sure made some good choices for gamers in the last couple of years. But it's kind of a pattern that always the manufacturer that is in disadvantage is shining with such things. It's all business in the end. None of these companies gives a flying fuck about gamers.

Official member of VGC's Nintendo family, approved by the one and only RolStoppable. I feel honored.

It sucks that I have essentially added them to the "same as Sony, Nintendo, Steam, GOG, Ubisoft, Actiblizzard, Origin/EA" pile. They are doing genuinely good stuff... that I can no longer enjoy: not only that, but I'm officially "deplatformed" when it comes to standard issue gaming. EGS is the only thing remaining on the platter...

It sucks, at least for me. I wish they had done all this back in 2017... back when I could still enjoy the system and they were the real hero for supporting mods in a freaking console. Urgh. I really feel bad now.

I think the "hero-status" of xobox is not unsung at all. As threads like this proof. I see it everywhere, online and with a lot of my friends - everybody seems hyped about xbox right now. But to me, this is soley justified to a certain extent. Like b.c. is super cool to have and game pass is incredible value.
But when it comes to exclusive games, especially first party, i think xbox is almoust the opposite of an unsung hero - they seem to get a free pass with their abysmal output. And I think it is astounding hiw big of a role marketing and announcements play with this.
Sony has their cards close to their chest. We know next to nothing about their releases in 2022 and beyond. Xbox has so many things announced. How many years until all of that is released? Their catalogue is incredible, undeniably so, but all of this is in the future. I really hope they will deliver on all of this, but I want games to play, not to look forward too. This seems like a sentiment a lot of people don't share with me. It seems, as long as people have something to look forward to, all is fine for them.
But what was the launch lineup for series x/s, and what have they released since? Not saying that sony is so much better, but at least there is something here.
When Halo releases, is absolutely great and there is not much noise about it, then I will consider xbox being unsung heros.