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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox is becoming the unsung hero of this generation

While Sony and Nintendo continue to be the top selling consoles(for good reason of course), Xbox continues to fly under the radar of most consumers. It doesn't help that the Xbox One was a lackluster system overall. Way too much controversy during the beginning of the generation and lack of heavy hitter exclusives made the Xbox One a system most consumers overlooked last gen. 
Fast forward to current generation, Xbox has been making all the right moves. I think it's safe to assume Xbox has become the most consumer friendly between the 3 console manufactures. Several examples include:

Xbox has the widest range of BC games of any system reach back to the 6th gen, and they are committed to adding more BC titles in the future.
Have been adding FPS boost to select titles, and as of today have 97 titles that enable that feature. 
Game Pass continues to grow, and offers the ability to play hundreds of games on it's platform. Many of which are newer titles, and 1st party games get added day 1. It's the best value in gaming. 
Offer cloud saves without any kind of paywall. 
Offer multiple ways of playing games via Cloud, PC, and Console, and accessing your save progress on any device is seamless. 
Xbox allowing X1 controllers to be used on the Series X|S. I have played numerous games with friends on my Series X and this is one of those QoL features I forget about sometimes. 
Having expandable storage since launch. Not only is there a viable SSD solution, play games on an HDD is very simple for BC games. Certain features like quick resume, FPS boost work on any kind of storage. 

What about the 1st party games? Well, there is still work to be done. With Xbox now having 22 1st party studios(23 if you count XGP), they out number any other console maker by a wide margin, but it hasn't shown yet. With Halo Infinite delayed, Gears Tactics was the only 1st party game to play at launch, and there hasn't been much since then except for a few 3rd party exclusives. But for those who have a Series X|S, most will agree Game Pass has filled that void for now. With that said, It's only a matter of time before the games start dropping, and once they do, it's going to be hard for consumers to overlook.  

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At this point playing Ninja Gaiden Black is a bigger selling point for getting a next-gen console than any actual next-gen game. And Ninja Gaiden Black can only be played on XB BC!

A good and logical look at the current state of Xbox, though this will most likely trigger certain fanboys to run in and try discredit this opinion.

Libara said:

A good and logical look at the current state of Xbox, though this will most likely trigger certain fanboys to run in and try discredit this opinion.

Even though Xbox is my main platform, I like to think I look at things objectively. I have no problem calling them out when they are shitting the bed, but when they are making all the right moves, it should be worth recognizing. 

As an Xbox Series X owner, the game offerings have been slim pickings... Not a single exclusive worth worrying about just yet.
The styling of the console is understated (I.E. I Love it) and it's got the best hardware, we just need to wait for the "promises" to be filled in due time.

Basically, the Xbox Series X feels like an Xbox One X Pro, the UI is the same, controller is almost the same, runs the same games. - It's not a bad thing, but it can leave you wanting more if you have already spent years with the Xbox One.

The only games I have bothered with on the Xbox Series X so far is the Xbox 360 game of Dragon Age: Origins and did a Call of Duty: Cold War play-through to check out the ray tracing.

Where as on the Playstation 5 I am currently smashing out Returnal... And on the Switch, Story of Seasons and Pokemon Snap.

But in a few weeks it's back to the Xbox for Mass Effect.

This brand loyalty crap is pointless in my opinion, every platform has Pro's and Con's... And it's fine to point those out and talk about them, but endlessly shitting on your competitors platforms is just silly.

I think this is going to be Microsoft's most competitive generation so far, I am absolutely keen to see what they bring to the table... Xbox controller update with Adaptive triggers? More OG Xbox games in backwards compatibility? New studios?

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Xbox is unsung due to a lack of next gen games. That should hopefully change in 12-18 months when the games start to release.

They got some big IPs now outside of Halo, Gears and Forza in development. It will be interesting to see how Perfect Dark, Fable and Hellblade 2 turn out.

I have a feeling a lot more money is being thrown behind Hellblade 2. I think MS will try make this their GOW.

The Fable trailer didn't show much, but if it is anything like the first one I would be happy. However it made me also remember Folklore on the PS3 and how badly I want one of them again.

What Xbox really needs right now and going forward is consistency, both in the quality and value of their offerings. The result of their effort this generation will pay off "next gen" or whatever coming next on the gaming landscape. Xbox is surely on the right path to expand.

Hot off the wheels of their worst generation, they've been doing a really nice job. While the 1st party was noticeably lacking for the first year, there's so much on the horizon that it can be a tad intimidating. They might be able to close out the year somewhat decently with Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon, and Starfield.

Been gaming since NES days, I've enjoyed every console as they are with no need to pit one against the other in fanboy tradition. This gen was my first stab into Xbox platform, and I have no regrets. Gamepass was a no brainer for me, the studios we've seen Microsoft acquire to strengthen their future titles plus being committed to honoring past generation games and enhancing them, I saw them trending in the direction Sony and Nintendo are not (and nintendo is my favorite of them all). I very confident when the generation comes to a close, xbox will have set a standard that will change the industry.

Unsung is a poor choice of words as, well at least on Eurogamer and here, it gets sung high praise on a daily basis :p It's not overlooked by consumers either as it's just as sold out here as the ps5 is, can't get either. (You can get the little one online, not that much interested in the gimped one by early adopters)

Problem with XBox is, you can play all the exclusives on PC, with fewer restrictions (free online) and more options. So why buy a box if you can put that money towards upgrading your pc or spend a bit more on a gaming laptop. Assuming most people have a pc or laptop. Buying a XBox feels redundant.