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As an Xbox Series X owner, the game offerings have been slim pickings... Not a single exclusive worth worrying about just yet.
The styling of the console is understated (I.E. I Love it) and it's got the best hardware, we just need to wait for the "promises" to be filled in due time.

Basically, the Xbox Series X feels like an Xbox One X Pro, the UI is the same, controller is almost the same, runs the same games. - It's not a bad thing, but it can leave you wanting more if you have already spent years with the Xbox One.

The only games I have bothered with on the Xbox Series X so far is the Xbox 360 game of Dragon Age: Origins and did a Call of Duty: Cold War play-through to check out the ray tracing.

Where as on the Playstation 5 I am currently smashing out Returnal... And on the Switch, Story of Seasons and Pokemon Snap.

But in a few weeks it's back to the Xbox for Mass Effect.

This brand loyalty crap is pointless in my opinion, every platform has Pro's and Con's... And it's fine to point those out and talk about them, but endlessly shitting on your competitors platforms is just silly.

I think this is going to be Microsoft's most competitive generation so far, I am absolutely keen to see what they bring to the table... Xbox controller update with Adaptive triggers? More OG Xbox games in backwards compatibility? New studios?

--::{PC Gaming Master Race}::--