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While Sony and Nintendo continue to be the top selling consoles(for good reason of course), Xbox continues to fly under the radar of most consumers. It doesn't help that the Xbox One was a lackluster system overall. Way too much controversy during the beginning of the generation and lack of heavy hitter exclusives made the Xbox One a system most consumers overlooked last gen. 
Fast forward to current generation, Xbox has been making all the right moves. I think it's safe to assume Xbox has become the most consumer friendly between the 3 console manufactures. Several examples include:

Xbox has the widest range of BC games of any system reach back to the 6th gen, and they are committed to adding more BC titles in the future.
Have been adding FPS boost to select titles, and as of today have 97 titles that enable that feature. 
Game Pass continues to grow, and offers the ability to play hundreds of games on it's platform. Many of which are newer titles, and 1st party games get added day 1. It's the best value in gaming. 
Offer cloud saves without any kind of paywall. 
Offer multiple ways of playing games via Cloud, PC, and Console, and accessing your save progress on any device is seamless. 
Xbox allowing X1 controllers to be used on the Series X|S. I have played numerous games with friends on my Series X and this is one of those QoL features I forget about sometimes. 
Having expandable storage since launch. Not only is there a viable SSD solution, play games on an HDD is very simple for BC games. Certain features like quick resume, FPS boost work on any kind of storage. 

What about the 1st party games? Well, there is still work to be done. With Xbox now having 22 1st party studios(23 if you count XGP), they out number any other console maker by a wide margin, but it hasn't shown yet. With Halo Infinite delayed, Gears Tactics was the only 1st party game to play at launch, and there hasn't been much since then except for a few 3rd party exclusives. But for those who have a Series X|S, most will agree Game Pass has filled that void for now. With that said, It's only a matter of time before the games start dropping, and once they do, it's going to be hard for consumers to overlook.  

Last edited by smroadkill15 - on 04 June 2021