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BraLoD said:

I haven't felt less compelled to get an XBOX than I'm now.
Honestly it has zero appeal whatsoever to me.

NEWSFLASH Phil Spencer had reassembled the team that made LoD and kidnapped bought in Shuey to produce both a remake and LoD2 for series X , but is now saddened to announce that on learning that BraLoD won't be onboard he has cancelled all plans, talking to the media he explained that without BraLoD it had become a financial nightmare since they needed to sell at least 1 copy of each to make a profit and the remake was only being made to cover the $5.00 to buy the IP.

meanwhile Sony while denying the quote "give the bloody millstone away", stated that selling LoD made them business gods and the $5.00 price paid only showed that Sony did not need the money and was in fact them helping prop up MS since it was all MS had left in the bank after buying much lesser brands and nothing more, also in no way was any of this related to the despicable rumour that the production costs were to be met by millions paid to MS to take Shuey off their hands.

Late breaking news .. a handcuffed and blindfolded Shuey has just been found dumped on a Brazilian street corner .