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AsGryffynn said:

It sucks that I have essentially added them to the "same as Sony, Nintendo, Steam, GOG, Ubisoft, Actiblizzard, Origin/EA" pile. They are doing genuinely good stuff... that I can no longer enjoy: not only that, but I'm officially "deplatformed" when it comes to standard issue gaming. EGS is the only thing remaining on the platter...

It sucks, at least for me. I wish they had done all this back in 2017... back when I could still enjoy the system and they were the real hero for supporting mods in a freaking console. Urgh. I really feel bad now.

Personal choices are fine but should never become so rigid that they effectively lock up your right to respond to change and so become a prison. break free my man .

Last edited by mjk45 - on 08 May 2021