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Ganoncrotch said:

You can get an xbox SSX and a 49 inch 4k / 120hz LG TV from amazon for around the same cost as a 2014 AMD RX580 and yeah... obviously a Graphics card isn't the only item you need to start PC gaming.

Even a 1060 is hard to get right now, looking to ebay there's auctions on there of them going as far as €500 for single fan versions of the card. But yeah... neither of those cards will really be able to put out games at 4k without major impact on the visual quality / frame rate.

Obviously it's possible to say that "well someone might well have a PC which is just missing only the good GPU but still... then you can't really go down the path of saying that "someone buying a Xbox Series X will need to buy a TV" or has the PCMR resigned to 1080p while consoles will be the 4k pushers now?

I play on a gaming laptop with a 1060, FS 2020, which will surely run better on a Series X connected to my 4K HDR tv. However, losing the flexibility of playing the PC version simply rules that option out (for me). I rather buy a new laptop with a newer CPU and GPU even though that costs a lot more.