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Ganoncrotch said:
SvennoJ said:

4K is overrated imo and MS also conveniently makes all games work well on Series S. You don't need a high end GPU to enjoy all games at 1080p. Sure there are some RT advantages on the X yet so far there is little where it makes a big difference. So with a 1060, you're perfectly fine for now. And those that care about high fps already game at 144 fps.

Those that weren't play at 4K or 144 fps yet, won't care about switching to a series X to play at 4K or 120fps. Plus you need a high end TV as well to make use of 120fps and VRR. On monitors VRR is much more common and also offer the sweet spot of resolution 1440p.

So no, don't think MS can win any PC gamers over with the Series X. To make full advantage of it, you're still out an expensive console and a much more expensive tv while having to now pay for online gaming and lose access to modding.

You can get an xbox SSX and a 49 inch 4k / 120hz LG TV from amazon for around the same cost as a 2014 AMD RX580 and yeah... obviously a Graphics card isn't the only item you need to start PC gaming.

Even a 1060 is hard to get right now, looking to ebay there's auctions on there of them going as far as €500 for single fan versions of the card. But yeah... neither of those cards will really be able to put out games at 4k without major impact on the visual quality / frame rate.

Obviously it's possible to say that "well someone might well have a PC which is just missing only the good GPU but still... then you can't really go down the path of saying that "someone buying a Xbox Series X will need to buy a TV" or has the PCMR resigned to 1080p while consoles will be the 4k pushers now?

It's not exactly easy to get an Xbox SX right now, is it? I'd reckon it is even easier to get a beefy GPU, if you are willing to pay the price. I mean, at least GPUs are somewhat available while it is damn near impossible to find an Xbox SX at stores.

With some looking around, I was able to snatch a RTX 3070 for 800 € a week or two ago. Not exactly cheap, but eh. I sure enjoy dem 20 TF and I can now confirm that DLSS is a great thing.

But anyway, what I am trying to say is that you can't really compare the inflated prices of GPUs to MSRP of consoles right now. Both items are out of stock everywhere and they most likely will continue to do so for the remainder of the year.

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