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I would also like to take a moment and let everybody know that a new website is coming soon.  I will link it but it is still very basic and has a lot of work to be done before it is ready.  It will have Reviews, forums, and walkthroughs if you guys want to sign up when it is finally ready(if it ever will be :P).

UPDATE: Website is still being worked on, though i doubt itll be done "soon" lol  Here is the YouTube Channel for AN Unbiased Review though.

If you guys may or may not know I have been trying to get reviews up on this website, but after all I'm only one person.  So I thought we could create a team in the forums to review games using the name "An Unbiased Review".  Anyways this will be the official database for all of the team's reviews categorized by our reviewers.  If anybody is interested in reviewing things let me know.  You can review old or new games as long as it is fair. 


Review Team  
JayWood2010 Riderz13371
Shiackz Veknoid_Outcast
Tbone51 PS3-Sales!
Khlover J_Allard
Tizona Cannonballz
Godchild1020 Wright
Hawkeyejonjon Kupomogli


Combination Reviews Score Reviews
Kid Icarus: Uprising 9.2 Shiackz & Tbone51
ZombiU 7.7 JayWood2010 & Tbone51
Bioshock Infinite 8.5 JayWood2010 & Khlover


JayWood2010 Reviews    
Title Score Platform
WiiU N/A WiiU
Journey 8.7 PS3
Persona 4: Golden 9.1 PSV
Halo 4 9.2 X360
ZombiU 7.8 WiiU
Mark of The Ninja 8.8 X360/PC
Far Cry 3 9.4 PC
IloMilo 8 X360/WP/PC
Ni No Kuni 8.5 PS3
Banjo Tooie 8.5 X360
Alan Wake 8.8 X360/PC
Kameo: Elements of Power 8.3 X360
Deadlight 6.6 X360/PC
BattleBlock Theater 9.1 X360
Tomb Raider (2013) 9.4 X360/PS3/PC
Assassin's Creed III 8.4 X360/PS3/PC/WiiU
Dishonored 8.3 X360/PS3/PC
God of War: Ascension 8.3 PS3
The Last of Us 9.2 PS3
Bioshock: Infinite 8.5 X360/PS3/PC
New Super Mario Bros U 7.8 WiiU
Donkey Kong Country Returns: 3D 8.8 3DS
Thomas was Alone 8 PC/PS3
Gears of War: Judgement 7.9 X360
The Swapper 8.8 PC
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons 8.8 X360 
To the Moon 8.7 PC
Crysis 3 8.3 PC/X360/PS3
Grand Theft Auto V 9.5 X360/PS3
Pokemon XY 9.3 3DS
Killer Instinct 8.5 XBO
Ryse: Son of Rome 6.7 XBO
Tearaway 8.1 PSV
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood 8.3 XBO
Shiackz Reviews    
Title Score Platform
Kid Icarus: Uprising 9.2 3DS
Code of Princess 7.7 3DS
Tbone51 Reviews    
Title Score Platform
Kid Icarus: Uprising 9.2 3DS
Paper Mario: Sticker Star 7 3DS
Resident Evil: Revelations 8.2 3DS
New Super Mario Bros 2 7.6 3DS
ZombiU 7.6 WiiU
Pokemon Black/White 2 8.9 NDS
Fire Emblem: Awakening 9.5 3DS


Khlover Reviews    
Title Score Platform
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance 8.8 3DS
Dead or Alive: Dimensions 7.7 3DS
Bioshock Infinite 8.5 X360/PS3/PC
Title Score Platform
Unit 13 8.3 PSV
Tizona Review    
Title Score Platform
Darksiders 2 7 X360/PS3/PC/WiiU
Hawkeyejonjon Reviews    
Title Score Platform
Far Cry 3 8.7 X360/PS3
Resistance: Burning Skies 6 PSV
Payday the Heist 7.3 PS3
Bioshock 9.3 PS3/X360/PC
Bioshock 2 8.8 PS3/X360/PC
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack 8 PSV
Alien Colonial Marines 4.4 X360/PS3
Chronovolt 4 PSV
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale 7.4 PS3/PSV
Dead Island: Riptide 7.4 PS3/X360/PC
Atelier Rorona: The alchemist of Arland 6 PS3
Riderz13371 Reviews    
Title Score Platform
InFamous 2 8.6 PS3
InFamous   8 PS3
Veknoid_Outcast Review    
Title Score Platform
Super Mario 3D Land 9 3DS
Duke Nukem: Forever 5 X360/PS3
PS3-Sales! Reviews    
Title Score Platform
The Walking Dead 8.5 X360/PS3/PC
Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus 7.6 PS3
Puppeteer 8.8 PS3
J_Allard Reviews    
Title Score Platform
Guardians of Middle Earth 8.6 X360/PS3
Cannonballz Reviews    
Title Score Platform
Sleeping Dogs 7.5 X360/PS3/PC
The Walking Dead: Killer Instincts 4.5 X360/PS3/PC
Dead Space 3 7.1 X360/PS3/PC
Wright Reviews    
Title Score Platform
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 7.2 X360/PS3
State of Decay 8 X360/PC(TBA)
Metro: Last Light 8.9 X360/PS3/PC
Kupomogli Reviews    
Title Score Platform
XCOM: Enemy Unkown 8.5 PC/X360/PS3
Shinobi 6.3 3DS
Shin Megami Tensei IV 7 3DS
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 6.3 PS3
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 6.5 PS3
Devil May Cry 3 7.5 X360/PS3
Bravely Default 6.3 3DS
Yakuza 3 7.3 PS3
JinxRake Review    
Title Score Platform
Remember Me 7.4 PS3/X360