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Forums - Gaming Discussion - An Unbiased Review: Grand Theft Auto V

Platform: X360/PS3 Publisher: Rockstar Developer: Rockstar
Reviewer: JayWood2010 Genre: Sandbox Rating: Mature

I specifically waited for the Multiplayer to be released for this review, and with a lot of problems even getting the multiple running it was once again delayed.  Now after over 20 days I will finally be able to give you the review for what looks to be the biggest release of the year.

For the first time in any Grand Theft Auto game you will be following three protagonists instead of one.  In fact there really isn’t many games that does something like this.  Not any of the three characters in this game is any more important than the other and you have complete control of each character when it comes to clothes, houses, hair, facial hair, or what car they own. Each character also has their own unique background and abilities that you can use in missions which I will get to in a just a bit. 

The game starts out 10 years before the main game actually happens where a heist that goes wrong.  Michael and Trevor are on a heist with another friend as well.  Michael gets caught, Trevor escapes, and their old friend dies.   This sets up the game 10 years later where you find Michael a rich man with a horrible family, Franklin a black guy stuck in the hood stealing cars for money, and Trevor a psychopath meth head in a trailer.  

Without giving any spoilers away having each character’s individuality is extremely important on how they clash with each other.  Michael just now getting back into the criminal business is extremely clever, manipulative, and really can act as your stealth player with his accuracy.  Trevor on the other hand is irrational, has poor judgment, and will kill anybody he feels has done wrong to him.  Too bad for people he pretty much feels this way about everybody.  And Franklin with his car skills is able to weave and bob in and out of traffic by slowing down time.   Because each are so different than the other while all working together the story plays out in such a way that I wouldn’t have expected at all.  Not only is it the best GTA in terms of stories, but it is also one of the best stories I have ever played. 

The game its self is almost just as remarkable.  With every mission feeling vastly different you never feel as if you are repeating yourself like many other open world games.  In fact a lot of games in other genres as well.  You may have to steal a car from an acting studio, fight aliens off when under the influence, fly a plane across the city, or even try to get information from the FIB (FBI) without being caught. Even when you finish the story you can play through a ton of side missions. The biggest attraction to GTAV is the heists though.  With each heist you will go through an elaborate plan on how you can rob this place as efficiently as possible.  This will include using all three members who each get their own cut, some other crew members which will be how effective your heist is, whether you want to enter loud or quiet for example, etc Choosing how to do the heist not only is important on if it is successful or not, but it also changes the entire mission based on what you chose.  Because of this the replayabily is immensely high.  Not to mention each mission has an Assassin’s Creed like synchronization to where if you do each goal in a mission then you get a 100% on it.

If you like cars well GTAV has plenty of that.  Not only can you buy cars through the internet on your phone, but you can also steal anything from a car, SUV, fire truck, bus, Jet, Helicopter, jet ski, submarine, and so much more.  So you don’t want to drive and just want to see what possibilities are in the city?  You can go hand gliding, golfing, play tennis, or maybe you want to race on bicycles or cars.   The city is so big and with so many things to do you will be able to play this for weeks, months, or even years to come.

But maybe you aren’t going to want to play single player for months to come.  Maybe you want to goof off with your friends and now you can with GTA Online.  GTA Online came with a lot of problems and was actually unplayable for many people.  Now that it is finally here I must say that the multiplayer is hilarious to play in with your friends.  Just driving around with your friends in GTAIV could be fun, but because GTAV is setup similar to an MMO you will now be able to setup crews with your friends, buy houses, car garages, and personal cars.  Getting money and ranking up in multiplayer is very important.  Getting jobs, robbing gas stations, or killing other players in the city are a few ways of making money.  Though even though you can get money you will still need to rank up to buy specific cars or guns.  This is where the fun in GTA Online comes.  However because some people can be jerks and just try to kill you constantly you may find yourself wanting to turn on passive mode.  This will allow you to roam around in GTA Online without having to die by other players.
Even though I have so much to praise about this game I still wanted to talk about the complaints at the end.  The customization for building a multiplayer character can be both annoying with having to go through a family tree type setup and the gun mechanics. 

I could have brought this up in the gameplay section but I really wanted to wait because it plays a vital role in multiplayer.  GTA has never been known for having the best mechanics for gun play but they have once again continues with the auto target that seems to work to a degree.  Sometimes it targets the wrong enemy and sometimes it won’t target the enemy at all.  Even though the targeting doesn’t work efficiently though, the cover system is actually pretty decent allowing for an extra function in GTA


This game is fun, chaotic, and with a superb story.  It is also a game that could benefit with being released on PC though.  The graphics can be improved but for such a big city it is also forgiven.  The multiplayer can have annoyances but is vastly fun with friends and the story is must see.  With this big of a release and this big of a game it earns all the praise it has been getting.

Gameplay 9.5
Sandbox Genre 10
Multiplayer 9
Graphics 9
Story 10
Overall  9.5


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Lol @10 for story. (Didnt even read the review, dont have to XD)

Aldro said:

Lol @10 for story. (Didnt even read the review, dont have to XD)

Honestly I assume most people dont read them and just look at scores xD  No prob lol