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Before I go to my TOP 3, here a short list of the games, which didn't make the cut this year. Thirteen titles left my TOP 50 compared to last year, to make space for thirteen new ones. Let's be clear about this: I think all of these games are great, but the priority changes, so they are shuffeld out of the TOP 50.

 title platform year creatorlast year
One Must Fall: 2097 DOS 1994
Diversions Entertainment/Epic MegaGames #50
Zen Pinball 2 WiiU 2012 Zen Studios #49
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Wii 2008 Game Arts/Sora Ltd./Nintendo #47
NetHack/Slash'EM Linux 1987 The DevTeam #45
The Cave WiiU 2013 Double Fine Productions/Sega #44
Splatoon WiiU 2015 Nintendo #43
Pikmin 3 WiiU 2013 Nintendo #42
Lego City Undercover WiiU 2013 TT Fusion/Warner Bros. #41
Rabbids Go Home Wii 2009 Ubisoft #40
Mario Kart 8 WiiU 2014 Nintendo #37
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade DOS 1989 LucasFilm Games (later LucasArts) #33
Monster Hunter Tri Wii/WiiU 2009 Capcom #32
Borderlands 2 (Tiny Tina DLC) PS3 2012 Gearbox Software/2K Games #24

As you can see, a lot of games I played on WiiU and were at the lower end of my TOP50 got pushed out. This list includes 7 games on WiiU, 3 on Wii, 2 on DOS and one each for Linux and PS3. The newcomers aren't all new, but result of reshuffling, but many of the new titles are on Switch. Of the 13 titles replacing the above, I played 7 on Switch, 3 on WiiU, 2 on DOS and one on each Wii and Linux. Both lists contain a title I played on multiple platforms.

For decades small, but significant changes were happening. The list of outgoing titles contains my only two 80s titles, one from the 90s, three from the 00s and seven from the 10s. The new titles contain two from the 90s, one from the 00s and the remaining ten are all from the 10s, so increasing my recency bias in the list.

For the creators, I have slightly less Nintendo in my new list, four go out, two new come in. Here you see a LucasArts game leaving. Capcom stays stable as one Monster Hunter title is replaced with another in my list. My new list has a one title more for each NIS and Atlus, and two new more for Ubisoft and Square.

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