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Mnementh said:
My game #50 was back then one of the most innovative fighting games. it was published by a company that is today less known for it's games but still one of the most important companies in gaming.

My game for today is One Must Fall: 2097 from Epic MegaGames released in 1994, long before they made Unreal and the Unreal Engine.

One Must Fall is a giant robot fighting game. You pick your pilot and your robot and scrap the opponent. The game featured environmental hazards (pretty new for that time) and an tournament mode in which you had to earn money by winning fights to pay for the repairs for your robot and possibly pay for upgrades, training for your pilot or even to purchase a different robot model. You had scrap and destruction moves to damage the opponents robot if you won the fight (pretty much like fatalities). The graphic was pretty great for that time, the music is awesome, the game is addicting.

I read in Wikipedia the game was made freeware, so you can download it and play it in Dosbox. Hmm, I might give it another run. Also I read there is remake project OpenOMF which adapts it to modern networking. Don't know how well that works.

Wikipedia, MobyGames, OGDB, IGDB

A little video showing it off:

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