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S.Peelman said:
Mnementh said: 

Game #37

Hint 1: Your vehicle sticks to the ground.

Mario Kart 8?

As guessed by S.Peelman, the game is Mario Kart 8.

Well, what to say about Mario Kart. The whole series is a great fun-racer. Perfect for couch multiplayer. Mario Kart 8 has great mechanics and a lot of content (at least if you include the DLCs) so it makes the list.

Between the many single- and multiplayer-modes and great roster of drivers and the big amount of cars to choose, you can have a great lot of fun and get to the game later anytime.

That game single-handedly kept the WiiU for some time on elevated sales-levels. It's recent rerelease on Switch includes all the DLC.

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