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Mnementh said:
Hint for my game #43: That game was a surprisingly approach to an overdone genre.
Mnementh said:

Hint 2: The good guys against the bad guys.

Mnementh said:

Hint 3: You fight with the newest style.

Mnementh said:

Hint 4: The winner of the matches will be announced by a cat.

John19 said:


As guessed correctly by John19 my game for today is the original Splatoon for WiiU.

Whether you're a squid or a kid, this game might draw you in with it's competitiveness. A shooter with paint, and target is not kills but coloring the stage. Good teamplay is actually doing something, even a good player cannot win alone. You customize the clothing of your Squid with multiple stylish offerings. A single player mode is included. Although some criticized the game for various reasons (incomplete on release with later downloadable items, not a free choice of stages and so on) the game obviously hit a nerve and developed into a sales magnet, despite being on the WiiU.

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