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My game for today, the game #49 is Zen Pinball 2. I played it on WiiU, while it released on many platforms.

This game has a lot of tables with interesting ideas. The online scoreboard allowed for tournament organized viia Miiverse.

I like ideas like the first multiball in Civil War before you choose sides (representing that the two worked together before the arguing). Or I like how you keep your Experience points between sessions in Epic Quest. Sorcerers Lair offers additional tables you enter in the game. Infinity Gauntlet has some strange tricks up it's sleeve. But you also have the more classical experience, like in Excalibur.

The game is free, but offers only demos, you have to buy the tables. Getting all tables is very expensive, but also a lot of value, you can concentrate of the ones you like.

Last edited by Mnementh - on 16 November 2017

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