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ethomaz said:

A return to the VGC's glory days .

Etech7 said:
I think the old debates by fan boys were interesting. With out them this site lost its appeal. I think the stats are pretty accurate. This site seems to have turned into a video game store with sales figures not the interesting forum it used to be. A lot of the contributors who I like grew up or got banned.

That's sad because these users will never return :(.  The bans here are getting controversial.

To my knowledge, no well-loved permabanned member has gone a week without creating an alt, except maybe Konnichiwa (who is probably hiding around here somewhere). Who were you thinking of?

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Where the hell have the regional breakdowns for Europe gone?

Used to love looking at the UK estimates.


Boyatsea said:
Where the hell have the regional breakdowns for Europe gone?

Used to love looking at the UK estimates.



You can select a full UK chart now from the 'Region' drop down box. Other countries should be added soon too.

Ahh. Thank you. I am stupid. :)

makingmusic476 said:
Kantor said:

I think it's fairly easy to tell between somebody who doesn't speak English as a first language, and somebody who is just being intentionally lazy. For one thing, the former will always apologise, and will pretty much always be perfectly coherent.

What I'm about to say may sound heartless and terrible, but this is an English-language forum, and although, as you say, advanced English learners are welcome, somebody who genuinely speaks next to no English or cannot speak coherently in the language at all shouldn't really post here. Hell, someone like Zexen would probably be classified as an English learner, but he speaks it as well as any of us. Carmina, on the other hand, was completely unintelligible, and only awesome because she was one of a kind.

I suppose people who can't understand what's going on will leave eventually of their own accord, however. Which does suggest that most unintelligible posters who have been here for a while just aren't trying.

This is true.

I suppose I'm just assuming that people who don't speak English natively will naturally improve their skills over time by participating in discussion.

If they still can't come to grips with the language, then I suppose you'd have to do something at that point, but they should at least be given some leniency to see how they adapt.

As for your last paragraph, for some it's mere laziness, but some truly struggle to understand what others are saying.   And sometimes they just don't care, because they feel that their opinion is the only one that matters and everyone should hear it anyway.  I'm sure we've all had conversations where the other person fails to grasp the most basic of logical concepts, yet have no interest in ending the discussion.

My English isn't very good, so I always have a tab open with Google transator.  

Please excuse my bad English.

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Staude said:
This may be weird, but a like button would be nice for the forums. So you could click like on any forum post.

A dislike button should probably be avoided though. But a like button would be neat. It's often you scroll down and see a post you agree with and you want to acknowledge that you share the opinion with this person.

It would probably also help to clear out all the posts that just consists of "i agree"

I could live with that, the like button part, that is. I hate dislike buttons. They make it easy for trolls to strike under the cover of anonymity. If you dislike something, at least speak your name and explain why.

Can't wait to see how these changes play out and be a part of VGC's future.

One thing though that your, the readers, can always count on is good ol' uncle O-D-C and my non-nonsensical reviews. No, they can never take that away....

This is a recent post by ioi in another thread:

gamrConnect won't exist anymore as a separate entity. The forum community will split into two - VGChartz will retain a simpler forum and profile pages and will focus on sales related discussions with one big forum and a couple of very strict mods. Much like VGChartz was 2-3 years ago. The new site will have a much more extensive forum (with sub forums, game-specific forums etc) and will carry over the game collection / social networking / feeds / points stuff. The new site is a general gaming site and will be in direct competition with the big boys like IGN, GameFAQs and hopes to pull some of the current VGChartz audience over as well as a whole new audience who want to focus on the nitty-gritty of game details.

This implies that the new VGChartz site will only have a SINGLE board, dedicated to sales, while all other boards will be on the new site.  This has been corroborated by Kantor via Steam.  People will also have two accounts, one for each site.

I don't understand the intent here.

The initial idea expressed ioi in this thread was great:  there'd be two sites with two different communities.  You could talk about anything on either site, but each would have a different focus.  There'd be a general gaming site that focuses more on games, with boards per game and things like that, and there'd be an old school VGChartz site with an emphasis on sales that'd still have gaming and OT boards if its community wanted to discuss other things.

What was great about VGChartz is that it brought people together who liked to talk about and analyze sales figures, while also allowing these like-minded individuals to discuss other, non-sales related topics.  The problem with later revisions of the forum is that the boards became too numerous and redundant, complicating discussion and placing an emphasis on non-sales discussion.   The new site, however, seems to remove non-sales discussion entirely?

Under this new plan, we'd have the same number of boards we have now, only now you'd have to straddle two different websites depending on what you're in the mood to talk about.  I don't see how this fixes any problems.

Am I interpreting this wrong?  And if not, what is the rationale behind this?

I agree with makingmusic here. imo the success of VGC was that it gathered a fantastic community based on the sales numbers and discussions.

For the new VGC I would be very happy to have the old blue/white setup, with the frontpage being mainly sales and hot topics, combined with a simple forum - without badges etc. - that has Gaming, Website, Sales, Off Topic.

I totally applaud Brett for wanting to create a new IGN, and I hope he succeeds, but to have a niche website with a loyal and intelligent community like the old VGC should not stand in the way of reaching that goal. If anything it could probably strenghten the VGC brand name. I don't mind to have automatic access to both sites with my original VGC access though, but not limiting the scope of VGC to a single forum topic would be much appreciated.

You can still talk about sales in the new website. But you would have to talk about it in the general discussion. It would be like talking about vgc sales on ign.

Something like that. I am not much bothered by this though.