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No chance. The Wii U will definitely sell over 7m in 2013.
I agree, the Wii U will sell under 7m in 2013.

I'm calling it now bitches!

I'm on my phone so I can't really write alot to elaborate right now, but if you have any questions, fire away!

I'll bump this thread at various intervals throughout 2013 showing a chart of the Wii U's progress towards my prediction. In the meantime, tell me I'm crazy!

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At this stage it looks plausible to do just that.

Only Nintendo can turn it around with surprises and marketing.



I disagree.

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you're crazy. and i hope it sells 7000001 units just to spite you :D

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I agree. I don't think any games will be forthcoming.

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I just looked at the 360's first full year; it sold roughly 6 million (it was a real quick look, so I might be wrong), so I think it's quite safe to say the Wii U will sell more than 7m based it's initial sales relative to 360's. I say it'll sell closer to 10m copies in 2013 - but this is of course without knowing what MS and Sony will bring to the party...

EDIR: And oh - you're crazy!!

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I don't see it somehow, but stranger things have happened...


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Good, risky call imo. I say it'll be between 6 and 8 million!

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You're crazy.

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