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Forums - Sales Discussion - Prediction: Wii U will sell under 7m in 2013



No chance. The Wii U will... 415 53.34%
I agree, the Wii U will s... 363 46.66%
superchunk said:
You're crazy.

Its not like Wii, but it will do better than PS360 did.

I wasn't planning on making a real prediction until March (see my other thread), but it will be greater than 7m.

Well ok then. Damn game droughts.

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Oooh only just realised this was bumped..

It's currently on 1,741,857 with 8(?) tracking weeks left in the year so it needs to sell over 657k weekly until the end of the year to prove me wrong.


I could have sworn I replied to this thread like months and months ago agreeing with you.

It was pretty obvious the Wii-U was not going to sell 7 million when the PS3 in 07 only did 8.

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111k sold this week, so it's now on 1,844,867 sold with 6 weeks left...

man-bear-pig said:
111k sold this week, so it's now on 1,844,867 sold with 6 weeks left...

Dont let zeroo999 see this

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Currently on 2,241,455 for the year as of this week (W.E. 7th Dec). There's 4 weeks left, but at this stage it needs to average over 1m per week...ain't gonna happen.