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Forums - Sales Discussion - Prediction: Wii U will sell under 7m in 2013



No chance. The Wii U will... 415 53.34%
I agree, the Wii U will s... 363 46.66%

Typical Xbox fan bashing Nintendo.

Those Xbox fans are something else. Am I right, Nintendo fans?

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I'd say more like 11~12 million. But anything could happen.

Jay520 said:
Typical Xbox fan bashing Nintendo.

Those Xbox fans are something else. Am I right, Nintendo fans?

I sense a joke in here, but i'd like to have it explained.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

All this anti Nintendo bashing is starting to get rather boring now.

You're crazy.

Its not like Wii, but it will do better than PS360 did.

I wasn't planning on making a real prediction until March (see my other thread), but it will be greater than 7m.

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Conegamer said:
ryuzaki57 said:
I've just made some calculation and found 7.2 million, but my assumptions for Europe are very optimistic, so I think you're right.

Alright, let's see this calculation then

I've taken the following hypothesis (average per month)

Japan 200k

NA 300K

Europe 100K (but I actually expect WiiU to have a couple of sub-100K months during the year given its impopularity here and the progressive lack of games)

I think you're crazy, but you could be right...
I don't see many great games in the future for the Wii U. E3 could change that however.

EDIT: Nevermind. 8.0-9.0 seems a lot more probable.

I actually will call Nintendo "crazy" if they let this happens.

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I find it unlikely. Nintendo isnt Sony, if sales are too slow they will drop the price and a 3D mario and the world gets reversed.

They have the necessary money in the bank to make it happen.

I'm on my Wii U so I can elaborate as much as I want. However, it is suffice to say that you are wrong and your prediction sucks. Nice try at a Gilgamesh prediction.