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Forums - General Discussion - What are good reasons to live?

Mnementh said:

You use a Catra avatar, shouldn't that answer your question? Catra is in the show in a place, where nothing makes sense, where she feels like her life is pointless or worse damaging, like there is nothing for her than hurt feelings. She is accepting death, not caring anymore. Yet, she gets rescued, and although it is hard and involves a lot of hurt feelings, she finds a place there things are worth it. And that is independent of Adora, she finds that place in herself, if you look close enough.

I could even point to Shadow Weaver. All her life she only sought security by power through manipulating others. In the last minutes whe finds value and meaning in her life by helping her adopted children.

I personally had problems as a child. I was always an outsider, had no friends. Starting to become an adult was a horrifying outlook, how to find a place for myself. But surprisingly it worked all out. Not in an instant, it took years and things improved slow and gradually. The key was finding acceptance of myself. As a child I tried to shed being an outsider by trying to fit in. But becoming an adult I stopped that and started to find value within myself. Yes, I find still enough flaws with myself, but at the core I accepted who and what I am.

Start find the sides of yourself you love. Try not to judge yourself from the view of others, but strive to be your true self. And love that true self. Yes, we all have dark sides we hate, but embrace it. If you can, you can try to become better, but often it just is enough that you are a flawed human like everyone else. And that you can love yourself, with all your flaws. That all is slow and there are always dark days, but there is also always a tomorrow.

Yeah, I do things like that to try and help myself in as far as I can. I use Catra avatars a lot because she's a character I relate to a lot and I know how things turned out for her. Of course, that's a cartoon and not real life, but nonetheless it's me trying to remind myself to accept myself and believe that there is hope, and not just for others.

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I went through some rough days in the past. I know how you feel.

I think a lot about good reasons to live. And I found out that the best reason to live is doing what you like the most. For example, I like VG Chartz, I like gaming, I like to write stories, watch a good movie, talk to people online, meet new friends...

Happiness can be found in simple things. Even finding a new series that you like to watch can help a lot to overcome sadness.

I almost gave up myself, but I knew it would be the worst thing to do. We here at VG Chartz are all young, we have much more life coming. And it won't be all bad moments. We have ups and downs.

Sorry, I'm not good at that. But if you want to talk to me, feel free.

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

I’ve noticed that reality a perception. I’ve had perceptions of life that were shit and my sleep was shit and the cycle went on like that.

What’s interesting is that the perception changes. In my case, I get stuck in fight or flight almost permanently when triggered. Just the right sequence of events happen and I’m cured. Then it’s all sunshine and rainbows that I thought I would never see.

Word of caution, if it’s drugs you need, take a sip/take a hit; don’t drink the can or smoke the whole cigarette. The right amount can cure, the wrong amount will get you high and slam you down.

Giving back. Saving lives. It's fulfilling.

I am also a bit of an adrenaline junky... There is always something new to challenge myself every day...
Every Hazmat job has different dynamics to consider. - Is that drop of that unknown chemical going to kill me in just a few hours?
Every missing-person search is in a different location with different circumstances and factors... Did they have a mental episode and just travel a fence line or go across the paddock?

I have done the whole sky diving thing.
I have driven large boats out to sea in some of the most horrific conditions on Earth with 15 meter plus wave heights.
I have managed to save drowning children that were swept away in rapids.
I have pulled peoples pets out of burning buildings...
I have held onto a woman for 12 hours doing my best to keep her alive, waiting for a helicopter.
I have cut a father out of a car with his screaming daughter in the backseat.

I could go on.
But challenging yourself is the absolute best way to feeling fulfilled in life, to feel valued, to give yourself purpose and drive...

But also working hard and seeing that hard work pay off with a new house, car... Or something smaller like a video game even.
Incredible people can do incredible things... And it is only you, that holds you back.
{Now for a few images from my everyday life.}


And obviously... Stress less. Life is short, enjoy it. Have a joke, have some fun, spend big if it brings you joy and comfort.

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Jaicee said:
Ryuu96 said:


This was what I needed to be reminded of. Thanks so much!

I don't really have living family who communicate with me anymore, but there is someone I'm able to talk with a little at work, but not that deeply. (It's my former girlfriend.) I'm not very good at making friends anymore. I mean I can still find groups that I fit in with today, but they're all online niches and there's nobody local. I'm lonely. I definitely need to regain long-lost people skills beyond just reciting the pre-recorded messages my job requires me to regurgitate dozens of times a day.

Yes, I'm in physical pain and I have ways of addressing that, but I don't know if they're healthy, they're just the only solutions I know.

Anyway, the bottom line is, yes, I needed to reminder to focus on living one day at a time rather than focusing on the timeline. Sometimes it's tough when the little day-to-day joys I can get out of life seem so small in comparison to the challenges I've made for myself and others. I could use a little adventure, it's true. Something to take my mind off stuff. It's just when I get like this, nothing seems appealing anymore, you know? It all seems boring or like a chore. That's why maybe an adventure of some kind is the right answer; something I've always wanted to do but haven't gotten to. I'll have to think about that.

No problem, almost everyone at some point in their lives needs a little help, whether that is only a little advice or a reminder of something, I'm sure you will always have users here who are happy to help out when you need it. I think it could be worth reaching out to your former girlfriend, I'm sure she still cares about you and would be happy to lend an ear, even if someone doesn't have solutions to all of your problems, just the act of opening up to someone may help you feel better, as the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Yeah, it's difficult making friends when we get older, it was a lot easier back in the School/College days, Lol. As an adult, I think it requires a lot more effort on the individuals part to reach out, I only have a small circle of friends IRL and honestly I'm fine with that, quality > quantity, I would rather have ~10 friends that I share a close bond with than a near hundred that I barely talk to so don't worry about the amount of friends but the quality of those friendships.

Don't overthink it too much, a lot of it will happen naturally, maybe you could reach out to work colleagues and try to find something you have in common with them? Go out for drinks, do something you're both interested in, you will likely have to make the first move though but those skills will come back to you with practice, if you had them before then they're just waiting to be 'woken' back up, try having the same confidence in real life as you have here and not every friendship may work out but that's life, not everyone is suited for everyone but I'm sure you will find some, failure is only failure if you don't learn from it too!

Sorry about your physical pain, I can't really relate much to that, I don't have much pain at all on a consistent basis from my disability, I would say though to consult with your doctor before trying anything which could be potentially damaging to your health, you don't want to replace a problem with something worse...But I know you live in America and everything costs money there...Not really sure where you are with insurance and stuff, I would be screwed in America...

I think that you shouldn't put things on a scale, if these "small" things make you happy then that is ultimately all that matters, your happiness is more important than anything else, no matter how small these things are considered by others. Live every day at a time as you know to do, fight the upcoming challenges head on when you get to them and try to remind yourself of the positive things in life. Try not to think about any "challenges" you've made for others either, I'm not sure in your case but often we blame ourselves too much for certain things or how we may have been a burden on others, meanwhile the other person at the end of the day doesn't really care and simply only cares about your wellbeing, unless you know what they're thinking then I would try to put that worry to the side if you can, you've got to get better first.

This feeling will pass, you know what you've got to do I think, I'm sure eventually stuff will come to you, stuff you once enjoyed doing, or enjoy doing now, stuff that you've always wanted to do, etc. Focus on those things, remind yourself of those things, you'll get there! In the meantime, you've always got your VGChartz family! We may not know you IRL but we can still try to help!

Jaicee said:
Mnementh said:


Yeah, I do things like that to try and help myself in as far as I can. I use Catra avatars a lot because she's a character I relate to a lot and I know how things turned out for her. Of course, that's a cartoon and not real life, but nonetheless it's me trying to remind myself to accept myself and believe that there is hope, and not just for others.

Wish I knew the story but often characters are based on personal experiences or at least speak to others with similar experiences both currently experiencing similar emotional situations or have got through them, Catra may just be a cartoon but to you and others she is a lot more than that so cherish that and use it for inspiration and you're right that you need to do this for you, sure we accept you but ultimately you need to accept yourself and believe there is hope and I think you can get there.

Think my niece actually watched She-Ra once, I'm not sure if she still does but I've seen you talk about it so I thought it was cool as it sounds like a nice wholesome and progressive show.

I think Doom Patrol is a pretty awesome show at handling mental health topics too, I would recommend that you watch that, it's hilarious but also deals with some heavy themes, none of the characters feel they fit into the world but come together in their own weird family, obviously it's just a show but it has a good message at its core to just be yourself and be happy with yourself.

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The new Kirby game is a good reason to live

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Probably not the answer you're looking for, but in the last 2 years there hasn't really been one.

Family/friends would be a good one, but if you've effectively been forced to spend the last 2 years "isolating" well...

I won't repeat what others have said as it already is sound advice.

I am not that great with words so hopefully some of this makes sense.

The one thing I did not see mentioned much is self worth. Sometimes you have to be selfish and make yourself feel valuable to yourself first before worrying what others think of you. The old saying you have to love yourself before you can love others.

What I have observed around me is that the COVID pandemic has played a huge part on people feeling the way you are atm. Hence why I think in these challenging times where we are more isolated then ever and disjoined from close family and friends, self worth is more important than ever. Fortunately for me the COVID pandemic hasn't been mentally impactful and that is due to another reason that happened to me earlier in life. In 2012 I hit rock bottom where my back was injured and I could hardly walk and my lower half of my body was tingling all the time. In the end I saw maybe 5 different specialists to try and help me but in the end it was determined that they thought my nerves were pinched and only time may help easy that pain and tingling and get be back to before my injury. I thought this would impact me for live however it took two years for me to feel better and I was isolated from the world living in my small apartment. The experience made me feel worthless and why I was even alive.

However as time went on the one thing that I kept doing through all that was talking to people online with similar interest (i.e. VGChartz). I kept my mind very busy so that I would slowly not dwell on my physical issues and worrying if I was useful to society anymore. I even found a job that could be done from home which kept me even more busy. Then I also found other hobbies to do that keep me busy but more importantly gave me self gratification when I hit my goals in those hobbies. The hobbies helped me enjoy life for me and not worry about how others felt about me and I stopped wondering what is the purpose of living. As long as I found internal happiness it didn't matter if there was some grand plan to my existence. Once my mind was more positive and my physical issues went away eventually I rolled back into society and mingled with real people.



This thread is good therapy, so many great people here. Heartwarming.

I don't know how much if at all this going to help, but here is a story of my own ecperiences when contemplating suicide:

A bit more than two years ago I was suffering under massive depression. I didn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. I still have a booklet where I wrote all my thoughts in. It's hard to read, reminds me of the pain. It became unbearable.

I remember standing on a stool in the bathroom, a cable around the lamp on the ceiling and around my neck. My biggest concern in that moment was, what would happen if the lamp didn't support my weight and got ripped out of the ceiling and I survived with a permanent injury to my neck.

It was at that moment, that I began thinking about everything that was important to me in my short life. Everyone who loved me, to whom I was important. How would my death impact them? All the things that had made me happay throughout my life. Everything that ever gave me a smile. The best moments in my life. They always shine the brightest.

I started to smile and I realised that there is still so much to see, to do, to experience. So many of those great moments that make me smile even years later are waiting for me in the future. They are waiting for you too. You just need to find them. Don't let the bad moments pull you down. They will always keep pulling at you, but it's all worth it for these great ones because those are the ones that shine the brighest.

When I realised that while still stanging on the stool, I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. This light is what I look at when I feel down. It means happiness, joy.

Don't think of the bad times, think of the good ones, because the good moments are the ones that define who you are, not the bad ones. The more darkness surrounds you the brighter does the light shine. Embrace it, don't give up, never.

What is important to you? What makes you happy? Live for what makes you happy.

I hope that helps.

Oh babe things always get better, trust me. It's always really hard to understand that possibility when you are in a bad place but it truly does. I was in a terrible place a few years ago and each year kept getting a lot better and i was just astonished when i looked back at how much i've become happier. It's easy to get lost right now in this state of the world, i don't blame you. Even tho i feel a lot better than i used to, i still have my moments every now and then and i have to just push through mentally cause i want to.

I would say think about what's next for you, things you always wanted to accomplish. If you are still in school, visualize that end goal and everything positive that will come out of that. If you are an adult, are you satisfied with your routine you have lately ? It might sound stupid but to me, i'm unable to like go to bed too late all the time (like 2-3 am) or i literally become lazy and anxious and i get nothing done and feel terrible. Sometimes you can just change some little things about your daily life and it will have enough of a positive effect for you to get encouraged and get unto another thing that might need a change, one step at a time.

All i can tell you is you definitely grow out of that stronger and it makes you more understanding of the reality of others when you go through things like that.
Much love, i'm here to talk if you want x