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I find that a good reason to live is the potential for tomorrow to be better than today. I feel a lot of advice regarding unhappiness is to look for the good in things, but I don't think we should necessarily shy away from the negative feelings that come with our unhappiness. While there are times when they become overwhelming and it is healthy to take a break, these feelings are our mind's way of asking us to make a change. I don't know your particular situation or the bonds that hold you to where you are right now, but when I am unhappy, I start by identifying where I would like to be in a few years. Then, I ask what actions I need to take to get there.

If your goal is to live on the moon or be a millionaire, then you likely have a problem with creating reasonable expectations for yourself, but if your goal is to live in your own place or find a significant other, or get a different job, there is usually a path to get to that place. To completely ignore the negative feelings asking for change I feel is just as self-destructive as to let them consume you. It roots you to where you are and becomes a barrier, insulating yourself from change.

I wish you well Jaicee. We aren't exactly friends around here, but I hope you can get past whatever is plaguing you.