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Forums - General Discussion - What are good reasons to live?

Sorry, I'm at an extremely bad place tonight and need help remembering.

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There's always a chance things will be better tomorrow, or the day after, or month after, or year. Even if you see no future at the moment, things do change, and by carrying on, trudging through, you give yourself the chance to improve your situation when the opportunity comes. Or a chance to get help, or medication (some people scoff at this, but it transformed my life...), or to work your way out of the hole.

But if you were to kill yourself - that's it. The end. No second chances. Please don't do that Jaicee. 

Sorry you are in this place. Though it may be difficult, try to look for things that may be worth taking a second chance on. Know that we will keep this a safe space for you to visit. Really. Just reach out if you need folks and just consider an alternative to the irreversible!

Good luck to you, Jaicee!


To enjoy all the things life has to offer, and to make the world a better place.
Hang in there and take care of yourself; you seem like a wonderful person and this world is better with you in it.
Dark times never last forever. Just because you can't see the sunrise at midnight, doesn't mean it's not coming.

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To answer the main question also. The best reason to live is for the people you love or care about, and who love or care about you in turn - both now and potentially in the future too.

For me it's that, but also finding lots of little small pleasures, like looking forward to a meal I enjoy, the next album from a band/artist I've listened to for years, a new tv show or movie that grabs my interest, and of course a new video game I'm really looking forward to.

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I don't know your exact situation but when I get down, I often listen to music that takes me back to a time where I was happy or music that makes me think about someone that makes me happy. Cuddling with pets is also a go-to for me. You could try playing a game that sparks joy in your life (I restarted Spider-Man because I'm having a rough time right now to be honest). Or even just letting it all out on somebody who will listen. I don't recommend necessarily posting it on here unless you feel comfortable doing so but sometimes talking to somebody other than yourself about what is going on will help.

I don't know if this will help at all but I hope you find your light.

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I know it can feel like sometimes there's no more joy in the world, but I promise, with time, you'll find that joy again. Even if you have some bad times in your rearview mirror, the future is entirely unwritten. There are new friends and new experiences ahead of you. And, even if it sounds trivial now, new video games.

Truly, I find art to be one of life's great pleasures. Diving into a new book, or losing yourself in a great movie, or crying at the end of a truly meaningful video game. I love the sense of discovery and newness. There's always a new adventure on the horizon.

And I'll just say this. You're a special, unique person — the only one like you in the universe. And you're a special part of this community. You are appreciated and valued here, I promise.

I keep this card by my computer at all times, to remind me that there's a bright future ahead, somewhere. I hope it provides some comfort in this difficult time, Jaicee.

"I never quite beautiful this world is."

Some times we don't realize how much something means to us, until we lose it. And some times we can forget how the things we normally enjoy makes us feel.

If you're in a state where the things you normally enjoy feel trivial, or you can't remember the feeling, then I think you're not in a state where you can make rational decisions either. Some days from now, all that may very well come back to you, and you may wonder how you could even have considered giving up, even for a moment.

There's always someone willing to help, and listen. You just need to accept the help.

Hopefully you have someone close to you that you feel comfortable speaking to. And even if you do, if you prefer to speak to a stranger (some times that's easier) there are professionals you can talk to. Or if you want to vent to someone here, my DM's are always open. Please message me if you ever feel like talking.

I believe that there is just nothing when you die. Just like before you were born. That thought terrifies me. So I guess that is reason 1 for me - not to transcend into nothingness.
2) Video games are the most interesting art form of our time and they get more interesting by the minute. I don't want to die before I can play the next God of War. Or see if FFXVI turns out to be the first new mainline FF game since X that I am going to like.
3) I learn japanese. And I am able to understand ever more things said in anime. To have these moments where you are proud that you improved yourself, even if just a little, are really special to me.
4) Perhaps with our intelligence comes responsability - we can understand the plight of others in a way nothing else can - so we feel more compelled to help each other than anything else we know of. To act on this responsability is a true reason for me. It always takes some courage, but a few days ago I helped somebody park his car and I still am glad thinking about it. Did not save the world, did not end wars, but it felt good anyways. Not many things feel better than helping. I guess this is one of the reasons why people like to get children. They can devote themselves to helping them make it in life. The ultimate somebody who needs help - a child. Gives meaning to peoples existance since people were a thing. So I guess my advice is: get a child. And if you can't find any, try helping somebody else.
5) To discover new things - new interests you might develope, like photography, cooking, drawing, playing the trumpet, or going on walks every day to see the world even if it is just a tiny part of it.
6) I do fitness training not to get in shape (did not work too well so far anyways), but because it really geels good. If I power myself out, when I am completely exhausted, there is nothing better than just lying down, closing my eyes and feel good about myself (and not because I won the battle againt my demons this time, but because the act itself, training and resting afterwards, feels so good).
-This would actually be my recommendation: If you are not feeling too well, try to power yourself out, do as many sit ups, push ups, squats, etc. as you can. Don't hurt yourself, but test out your limits. With this you can really feel yourself, feel everything around you and you yourself being at exactly the right place - within all of it. ... Quite subjective how much one gets out of exercise, but that if feels good to exert oneself is universal I suppose.

You're awesome Jaicee, a valuable member to our little VGChartz family, if you're thinking of doing anything bad then please talk to someone (Suicide Prevention | Texas Health and Human Services) or if not them, at least a trusted friend or close family member, don't bottle anything up, let your emotions out and you will feel better even if just a little, your friends and family will want to help you through a difficult time.

I don't really share much about myself but I will say that I had an awful start to life and a permanent disability but as for how I cope with life, I try to always look at the positive things in almost everything, that has worked for me so far, whether it be my family, friends, pets, being a role model to my nieces, even something that others would consider small like looking forward to that next game or TV Show that you love.

I always try to look at these positive things in life and whenever the negative thoughts come I push them back with the good, despite everything and all the doom and gloom folk will try to have you believe, Earth is a pretty damn amazing, beautiful planet, it's amazing that we're even alive on it in the first place, the odds were massively stacked against us and yet we're here and we're all pretty damn unique, there is also good everywhere on this Earth waiting to be discovered, whether it be new friends, hobbies, feel good stories, medical breakthroughs, etc.

It may be silly but I have often listened to this song when I'm feeling down and it always puts a smile on my face: Monty Python - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - YouTube

My PM or Discord is open if you want to chat.

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