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I believe that there is just nothing when you die. Just like before you were born. That thought terrifies me. So I guess that is reason 1 for me - not to transcend into nothingness.
2) Video games are the most interesting art form of our time and they get more interesting by the minute. I don't want to die before I can play the next God of War. Or see if FFXVI turns out to be the first new mainline FF game since X that I am going to like.
3) I learn japanese. And I am able to understand ever more things said in anime. To have these moments where you are proud that you improved yourself, even if just a little, are really special to me.
4) Perhaps with our intelligence comes responsability - we can understand the plight of others in a way nothing else can - so we feel more compelled to help each other than anything else we know of. To act on this responsability is a true reason for me. It always takes some courage, but a few days ago I helped somebody park his car and I still am glad thinking about it. Did not save the world, did not end wars, but it felt good anyways. Not many things feel better than helping. I guess this is one of the reasons why people like to get children. They can devote themselves to helping them make it in life. The ultimate somebody who needs help - a child. Gives meaning to peoples existance since people were a thing. So I guess my advice is: get a child. And if you can't find any, try helping somebody else.
5) To discover new things - new interests you might develope, like photography, cooking, drawing, playing the trumpet, or going on walks every day to see the world even if it is just a tiny part of it.
6) I do fitness training not to get in shape (did not work too well so far anyways), but because it really geels good. If I power myself out, when I am completely exhausted, there is nothing better than just lying down, closing my eyes and feel good about myself (and not because I won the battle againt my demons this time, but because the act itself, training and resting afterwards, feels so good).
-This would actually be my recommendation: If you are not feeling too well, try to power yourself out, do as many sit ups, push ups, squats, etc. as you can. Don't hurt yourself, but test out your limits. With this you can really feel yourself, feel everything around you and you yourself being at exactly the right place - within all of it. ... Quite subjective how much one gets out of exercise, but that if feels good to exert oneself is universal I suppose.