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I know it can feel like sometimes there's no more joy in the world, but I promise, with time, you'll find that joy again. Even if you have some bad times in your rearview mirror, the future is entirely unwritten. There are new friends and new experiences ahead of you. And, even if it sounds trivial now, new video games.

Truly, I find art to be one of life's great pleasures. Diving into a new book, or losing yourself in a great movie, or crying at the end of a truly meaningful video game. I love the sense of discovery and newness. There's always a new adventure on the horizon.

And I'll just say this. You're a special, unique person — the only one like you in the universe. And you're a special part of this community. You are appreciated and valued here, I promise.

I keep this card by my computer at all times, to remind me that there's a bright future ahead, somewhere. I hope it provides some comfort in this difficult time, Jaicee.