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The_Yoda said:
Jaicee said:

Sorry, I'm at an extremely bad place tonight and need help remembering.

I haven't read through the thread yet.  I hope here a few days later things are looking up.  You are obviously an intelligent individual and although I don't always agree with your political conclusions they are much more often than not researched and well stated.  You really should find work that showcases your research talent.  Work is obviously not the end all be all but as long as it isn't work from home it will also cast you into a new pool of people where you will likely find new friendships and through those possibly love.  You are no moron and the world seems to be short of people that aren't morons.   We all have our blind spots but you really are an intelligent individual don't let that go to waste.  Letting talent peculate isn't a sin but throwing it away all together should be.  We love ya Jaicee, I hope your perspective shifts. 

Thanks so much!!

I've not often been called smart. When you're a career American grocery clerk who comes from redneck country and have a accent and no college dee-gree and your grades used to get you in trouble at home,  people often think of you as dumb (and bigoted) with a commonality that's tough not to internalize some. You might say that I do try and compensate for the way I'm perceived, if only to prove to myself that I do actually have a brain. To that end, I'm more than a little gratified by your compliments!

That said, my research talent mostly consists of having access to Google, a daily email with links to the recent articles most popular with the liberal men who frequent Digg, a habit of still frequenting the Yahoo news page in 2022, lifelong casual viewership of what today is known as the PBS News Hour, and a nerd-level fascination with statistics (hence my VG Chartz membership). I can only hope there's a decently-compensating business that could benefit from such skill.