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zero129 said:

Hmm what can i say. Having been feeling the same way before myself after losing my grandmother who raised me and my real mother who i never really knew before i got to ask her the things i needed to i felt lost. Life at that stage of my life didnt mean much to me at all until i met my partner and had my first child with her. They gave me reason to live. I then noticed it was also the friends i had in my life that kept me going to that point. i still have hard days too, but then i look at all whats around me and know i have to live as the would be so many people who would miss me in real life if i was gone. Id also like to think the is people here on VGC who would miss me if i was gone too (Not sure how many but i can think of a few). I guess the best thing i can say is try to find happiness in something you care about and find people who care about you and lock on to that. Its always going to be a battle in your head but its one you can never give up on. I dont really know what else to say other then keep fighting and never give up.

I hear you. It just seems like I keep losing loved ones to hold onto and help me through life and I'm substituting them for things (things often that help me in my unending efforts to process life, among which are, in fact, video games) and it's not an equal substitution. It does more seem reliable though. What I really need is to keep looking for more people who won't hate my guts. That's why I've taken Ryuu's advice from earlier and started talking to Jetzel again. Maybe at least a trust or a friendship can yet be built. It looks like we're starting down that road, so that's a hopeful sign.