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zero129 said:

You need to find someone you can trust and talk to, that doesnt give a shit about your bad days and will love and care for you no matter what, after all if someone cant love you at your worst they dont deserve you at your best. Thats what you can call a true friend when you can be a cunt and they are like "Yeah you wont push me away no matter what". Maybe im not explaining what i want to say as good as i could (Drunk atm). But trust me jaicee the is a lot of people here who care for you and im sure you have lots of people in real life too away from vgc who does. Maybe you just need to find that one person you can let your feelings out to and who will stand by you.

Have to admit it made me chuckle when you said you were writing that message drunk.

Well you did a good job of explaining your view of it and you're not wrong: I don't truly have someone like that in my life right now; someone I can open up to fully and without reservations. But I also kinda feel like I shouldn't be too picky at my age and, well, amount of baggage or I'll just keep being as alone as I am right now, if not more so. Think I need to re-learn how to take chances in conversing with people in-person like I used to all the time when I was younger in order to figure out who's going to be accepting of who I am and where I am in life right now.