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Red Dead Redemption 2 immediately came to mind

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I played Uncharted 1 through the Collection for PS4 and was bored to death with the repetitive gameplay. The story wasn't THAT interesting either (for me) but even being just the remaster of a 2007 PS3 game, I was quite impressed with the graphics and surely it must had been an amazing experience back then if only for the graphics.

Has no one mentioned The Order 1886? That's basically the poster child for this.

Naughty Dog games in general. Even going back to the Crash Bandicoot trilogy they just seemed kind of backwards in the gameplay department despite how good the visuals were for the time. It was basically taking Donkey Kong Country, moving the camera behind the character, and making the levels blander.

The Conduit. On a technical level it was probably the best-looking Wii game at the time, and the controls were perfection, but the level and encounter design really dragged it down. Too much of having to destroy pods or conduits on the walls, dealing with invisible mines, or those giant bullet sponge crab things. Online multiplayer was a blast with those controls though.

Fuck it,I'm going there.

Final Fight. Looked good on SNES but it's average to me. Esp after Streets of Rage, TMNT, Sengoku 2,X-Men, and more from that era. Capcom themselves had much better beat em ups in that era. Final Fight feels average next to those.

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Dante9 said:
Can't really remember anything like that. Usually a quality game is high quality all around. But I guess these things are a matter of taste to an extent.
I don't get the hate for The Last of Us games, though. The combat is not supposed to be a first person shooter or some kind of arcade fun fest, it's supposed to feel like being yourself in that situation, trying to hit a charging monster or person in a messed up situation. It's realistic, awkward, difficult and you hope you don't run out of bullets because they're scarce. In a zombie apocalypse, you would not be Master Chief or the Doom guy, you would be crapping your pants trying to hit something.

Realism in video games doesn't necessarily translate to fun in video games. I do agree that this game has a very realistic element (although let's be honest one person dragging a little girl around beating a room of 20 bad guys with guns one by one doesn't scream realistic to me). I'll take the original Metal Gear Solid on PS one. The game was stealth and realistic but the action was way faster than in the Last of Us.

Plus in the end the game sold well so it seems to me I might be in the minority with regards to my opinion. I'm just pointing something out I did not enjoy about that game to the point I thought it was best to watch the rest of the game on YouTube than beating it myself. 

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mZuzek said:
Peh said:

That game is great. The narrative is a But the gameplay is top. 


I see no counter-argument, so I am right :3

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mZuzek said:
RolStoppable said:

On topic: Metroid: Other M is an easy choice.

No it's not, that game is hideous.

nah. On a technical level, it's pretty impressive for Wii. Art design tho, I'd agree there. It's pretty bland. Not a great game for sure.  People should have bought Sin & Punishment: Star Successor instead.

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Leynos said:
mZuzek said:

No it's not, that game is hideous.

nah. On a technical level, it's pretty impressive for Wii. Art design tho, I'd agree there. It's pretty bland. Not a great game for sure.  People should have bought Sin & Punishment: Star Successor instead.

I don't judge game visuals on a technical level. If it looks ugly it's ugly, and Other M is hideous.

There'd be two for me, Beyond Two Souls and the rather forgotten The Last Guardian.

They're both such beautifully presented games, even if you notice the tells in The Last Guardian as that was supposed to come out for the PS3, but each have their own different flaws with their gameplay.

Beyond Two Souls is heavily lacking in gameplay as it's a lot of Quick Time Events. And the story just doesn't make much sense due to deliberately making the chapters/moments not be told in chronological order (and we even have a single chapter be told out of order), which breaks so much tension with what happens as you are kind of spoiled already. Overall an unsatisfying game to play through despite giving it so many chances and was the game that taught me that graphics alone is not enough to save it.

The Last Guardian is a better and much more charmingly told story, well presented and a intriguing world but trying to put up with the gameplay man; the way it is built, it is incredibly frustrating and really tests your patience with relying on the AI of Trico to work with you. Creative but definitely not something I'd go and play again in a rush.

Each time after playing games like these, I'd always want to go back to say a 16-bit style platformer that has tight controls and does what I want to do.