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Forums - Sales Discussion - Japan Sales Week 38 Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - September 17-23, 2018

Nuvendil said:
A question that may be hard to answer: can anyone with enough knowledge of the region say whether the earthquake has had a marked impact on the Japanese market and if it would still be felt this far on or not? The timing of the overall dip in sales lately seems to coincide but that may be pure coincidence since this is a slower period.

From what I understand the earthquake was most damaging in Hokkaido, which is relatively sparse in population. The large majority shouldn't have been affected in any way whatsoever by it.

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Average hardware sales for ps4 and switch. Spidey with the triple number 1 spot now. Just wow. Looking forward to the next few weeks. Lots of ps4 releases to keep software tasty.

Outside of Spiderman, not a particularly hot week. Hopefully Switch will pick up the pace once the bigger titles starts to hit.

Does splatoon 2 ever leave the top 5? it wont go away xD

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Pretty poor week as expected. Stein's Gate did alright?

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Switch total Software is a bit up this week.
Hardware is down except for the Vita.
Next week should be better overall.

Okay week,

Surprise that the difference between Steins Gate on PS4 and Switch is just 100K

Atelier Switch ports didn't even chart, then again it is like the 3rd or 4th time they were released I believe.

Switch Online drama didn't even hurt Splatoon 2 sales that much.

Torna did about what I expected.

Overall next couple of weeks should be more interesting due to the release of Trails of Cold Steel 4 next week and the week after the release of Super Mario Party, both of whom should likely land at number 1.

TheBraveGallade said:

Wondering how VC2 will sell on switch. On one hand it came out earlier on PS4, on the other hand a long turn based game like that definitely has a lot more appeal on the switch. Though I'd still be surprised if it outsells the PS4 version in Japan. In the west is a different story with the simultainious realese...


As for the PS4 nothing short of DQ/KH/FF/MH will give it hardware boosts at this point honestly.

The lengths of the battles are usually not super quick, so it's not quite as friendly as something like Octopath or Pokemon.

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Oh wow, Spider Man keeps slaying.
Weak hardware sales all around yawn.

nero said:

Both consoles are underperforming according to their baseline: NS@39303 nad PS4@17688. Will the consoles pick up next week?

Yeah, I'm kinda disappointed both going so much under their baseline. It looks like this week was the lowest for both with the exception of pre and post golden week.

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