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After someone asked for free games, I was thinking about that he's certainly not the only person looking for free games.

And with "free", I really mean really free games, not allegedly "free" games with microtransactions and the like, just games where you can get the whole experience without ever being asked to spend a dime. I also won't include demos of games, just entire ones. If you ever have some additional gem suggestions, feel free to post them so I can add them to the list.

First place to check list would be GOG, as they are kind enough to have a special page just to list their free games, and unlike Steam doesn't include any "free" to play titles. While some are very old (Akalabeth for instance released in 1979, considerably older than many users here on the forum), about half of the titles actually released in the last 10 years or so. I will list them all in the second post. Free DOS game downloads - Over 2,000 games!, an abandonware site with many classic titles not commercially available anymore (games on their site that are commercially available link to their respective GOG site instead of a download link).'s Dos Game Library, all playable in browser (which also means no saving after session ends)

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Alphabethical list of games:

    Name Year Genre(s) Description
    0 A.D. 2001, 2009 RTS RTS thematically similar to Age Of Empires 1, but based on it’s successor’s code
    A Dark Room 2013 Text-based MMORPG A text-based online-RPG playable in the browser
    Abuse 1996, 2014 Run&Gun Sidescrolling Run&Gun with mouse-aim and a clear Metroid and Turrrican influence
    Adventure Fun-Pak 1989 Arcade A collection of 4 small arcade games from Apogee
    Adventureland 1978, 1982 Text Adventure One of the first Adventures, and the first of a series of 13 by it’s creator
    Adventures of Maddog Williams Vol.1, The 1992 Text Adventure, RPG Text Adventure with a bit of RPG, where you need to find objects to get clues from NPCs
    Adventures Of Robby Roto, The 1982 Arcade Dig Dug clone where you need to save trapped miners. MAME ROM image file
    Ahrimans Prophecy 2004 RPG Prequel to the indie RPG Maker series Aveyond
    Akalabeth: World of Doom 1979 RPG One of the first commercial RPGs, predecessor of the Ultima series
    Alien Cabal 1997 FPS DOOM-like with an Alien Invasion as it’s story, includes an editor
    Alien Carnage 1993, 1994 Run&Gun Apogee Run&Gun similar to 2D Duke Nukem originally called Halloween Harry
    Alien Swarm 2010 FPS Originally a UT 2004 Mod remade by Valve to test their Source engine
    Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop 2017 FPS Greatly expanded version of Alien Swarm with Steam Workshop support
    Allegiance 2000, 2017 MMO, RTS, Space Combat A multiplayer space combat game with lots of strategizing between team players
    Amulets & Armor 1997 Action-RPG An action-RPG similar to TES: Daggerfall, but with worse graphics and mechanics
    Anacreon (DOS 4X) (Browser MMO) 1987, 2012 4X The precursor of all modern 4X titles as DOS version, now also a browser RTS MMO
    Anchorhead (Download) (Browser) 1998 Text Adventure, Horror Lovecraftian horror adventure where you must stop a ritual of calling the old one
    Ancient Domains Of Mystery (ADOM) 1994, 2014 RPG, Roguelike Hardcore Roguelike with wide platform support and optional graphic interface
    Aperture Desk Job 2022 Walking Simulator A short but really funny Spin-off from Portal
    Arctic Adventure 1991 Puzzle Platformer The Sequel to Apogee’s Pharao’s Tomb
    Ares / Antares 1998, 2009 RTS, Space Shooter Remake of the Space Strategy title Ares as Antares with epic zoomable Space battles
    Armagetron Advanced 2001 Snake-like, Racing A snake-like game based on the Lightcycle sequence from Tron
    Armored Brigade (2012 version) 2012 Real-time tactics, Wargame Panzer General as an RTS during the Cold war with very high realism
    Ascendant 2014 Roguelike Hack’n Slash Fast-paced Hack’n Slash with permadeath and other roguelike features
    AssaultCube 2008 FPS Tactical shooter on the Cube engine. Like Counter-Strike, but more fast-paced.
    Astro Battle 2004 Space Shooter A top-down space-shooter where you need to design your own ship to play
    AstroMenace 2007 Space Shooter Space Shooter with a top-down isometric view and 3D graphics
    BABBDI 2022 Adventure Adventure in first-person perspective where you try to leave a depressing city
    BallerBurg (Original) (current) 1987, 2004 Artilley game Artillery game with castles, cannons and a simple economy system
    Baphomet’s Fluch 2.5 2008 Point-and-click Adventure See Broken Sword 2.5
    Barkley, Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden 2008 RPG A very tongue-in-cheek RPG with Charles Barkley as it’s main character
    Battle for Wesnoth, The 2005 Turn-based Strategy A fantasy strategy title with lots of depths and some randomness in attack success
    Battleships Forever 2007 RTS, Space Shooter Command battles between fleets of spaceships, forever in Beta
    Beneath A Steel Sky 1994 Point-and-click Adventure A classic adventure in a Sci-Fi setting
    Betrayer 2014 Action-Adventure, Horror A horror game with stealth elements playing in the 17th century America
    Biniax 2005, 2015 Puzzle Simple puzzle game where you have to combine elements together
    Bio Menace 1993 Run&Gun A Run&Gun from Apogee Systems with puzzle elements
    BOS Wars 2004, 2023 RTS Futuristic RTS based on a clone of the WarCraft II engine
    Broken Sword 2.5 2008 Point-and-click Adventure Fan-made Interquel between Broken Sword 2 and 3
    BVE Trainism 1996, 2020 Simulation Very accurate simulation of driving a Tram, Train or Metro/Subway
    BZFlag 1993, 2022 FPS Capture-the-Flag and other modes in frenetic jumping tank battles
    CAYNE 2017 Horror Adventure Cyberpunk Horror Adventure with interesting story design
    Daggerfall Unity GOG Cut 2022 RPG Remaster of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall with a ton of Mods
    Dagon by H.P. Lovecraft 2021 Horror Adventure A short horror adventure faithfully retelling the Dagon short story by Lovecraft
    Doki Doki Literature Club 2017 Visual Novel, Horror A psychological Horror game masquerading as a dating visual novel
    Dink Smallwood HD 1997 RPG, Adventure A blend of RPG and Adventure mechanics with lots of humor
    Doomdark's Revenge 1985, 2014 Adventure, Exploration, Strategy The sequel to The Lords of Midnight, complete with a novella for the story
    Eternal Senia 2015 Action-RPG Relatively short RPG with unusual combat mechanic and very heartfelt story
    Eschalon: Book I 2006 RPG The first entry of the Eschalon trilogy, pretty challenging
    Halloween Harry 1993 Run&Gun See Alien Carnage
    Janosik - Highlander Precision Platformer 2020 Metroidvania Small Metroidvania with pixel art graphics
    Jill Of The Jungle Trilogy 1992 Action-Platformer A trilogy of platformers with combat and transformations
    Lords Of Midnight, The 1984, 2013 Adventure, Exploration, Strategy A mix of genres where you quest through the land while our army must prevent an invasion
    Loria 2018 RTS 2D Fantasy RTS strongly inspired by the Warcraft series
    Lure Of The Temptress 1992 Point-and-click Adventure Classic point-and-click adventure in a fantasy setting
    Marathon Series 1994 – 1996 RTS The trilogy shooters from Bungie remade in a continuation of the Marathon 2 engine
    Martial Law 2021 Historical, Adventure A short adventure about the struggles in Poland during communism
    Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog, The 2023 Visual Novel A VN where you investigate the murder of the eponymous videogame character
    NetHack 1987, 2023 RPG, Roguelike Roguelike with ASCII “graphics” in continous development since 1987 and many variants
    Nomads Of Driftland 2020 RTS A pure RTS spinoff of Driftland: The Magic Revival without any storymode
    OpenBVE 2009, 2015 Simulation Open-source remake and expansion of BVE Trainism, itself freeware
    OpenTTD 2004 Business Simulation Open-source remake and expansion of Transport Tycoon Deluxe
    Our Life: Beginnings & Always 2020 Visual Novel A VN where your MC evolves from little child to full adult, has DLC expansions
    Pathos 2015 RPG, Roguelike Very similar to NetHack, but with 16-bit graphics and some other changes
    Postal: Classic and Uncut 2003 Shooter, Action A dark and cynical and evil isometric shooter, includes the expansion
    Quake II RTX 2019 FPS The classic shareware levels from this FPS now enhanced with Raytracing
    Samorost 1 2003, 2021 Point-and-click Adventure A remaster of a somewhat short but very unique Adventure game
    Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolwes 2013 RPG-Adventure A game taking place in 19th century Canada with intimidation as main weapon
    Shadow Warrior Complete 1997 FPS Ninja-themed FPS classic on the same engine as Duke Nukem 3D
    StarCraft 1998 RTS The bestselling RTS from Blizzard, complete with the Brood Wars expansion
    Stargunner 1996 Shoot’em up A fast-paced space shooter with tons of secrets per level
    Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius (GOG)(Steam) 2014 Visual Novel, Turn-based Tactics The first game of the Sunrider series, actually quite tough
    Sword Game 2020 Platform Fighting game A partygame fighter made by VGChartz member UnderwaterFunktown
    Symphonia 2020 Platformer A short platformer where everything revolves around music and instruments
    Teenagent 1994 Point-and-click Adventure A polish game about a teenager becoming a secret agent, no polish version
    The Elder Scrolls: Arena 1994 RPG First game in the Elder Scrolls series
    The Elder Scrolls Chapter II: Daggerfall 1996 RPG Second game in the Elder Series; it’s 2022 remaster is also free
    TrackMania Nations Forever 2008 Racing game Time trial multiplayer racer with often ludicrous track designs
    Treasure Adventure Game 2011 Adventure, Platformer Search for treasure in pixelated sceneries, made by just one person
    Tyrian 2000 1995, 1999 Shoot’em up Space shooter with side missions where you can buy and equip your ship at will
    Ultima 4: Quest Of The Avatar 1985 RPG 4th entry of the Ultima series and the first featuring the Avatar (I-III had the Stranger)
    Ultima Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams 1991 RPG Second of the Ultima Worlds of Adventure spinoffs, this time adventuring on Mars
    Worlds Of Ultima: The Savage Empire 1990 RPG First of the Ultima Worlds of Adventure spinoffs, playing in a prehistoric setting
    Yume Nikki 2018 RPG, Adventure A very unusual RPG without dialogue or action where you wander through dreams
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    Nice idea, I'll list the ones I have on Steam:

    Aperture Desk Job (free Portal spin-off, really funny)

    Doki Doki Literature Club (just a cute little game about poems... *cough*)

    Eternal Senia (Great RPG maker game with a heartfelt story)

    The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog (Visual novel where Sonic dies, what's not to love?)

    Trackmania Nations Forever (Free racing game where you can make your own tracks, a classic)

    Yume Nikki (16-bit horror RPG with a cult following, haven't played it yet but heard great things)

    Sword Game (An action party game by yours truly)

    Try out my free game on Steam

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    Thanks, I will add them to the list as soon as I can

    Also, kudos on making your own game!

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    I used to use this site a lot back in the day.

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    Random_Matt said:

    I used to use this site a lot back in the day.

    This is an abandonware site. While not exactly what I meant with free games, it seems well curated in the sense that commercially available games are not available for download on the site, so I'll add it to the first post


    Command and Conquer and Red Alert are for some reason not listed but have been freeware for a while.

    Hmm, pie.

    The Fury said:


    Command and Conquer and Red Alert are for some reason not listed but have been freeware for a while.

    Well, looks like I have a lot to add then ^^

    C&C are not on the list because it's basically a community patch that makes the original releases free, but the games are still commercially available both in their remastered forms and through EA Play. I had the links on my old thread in another forum, I'll see if I can recover them from there.

    The Fury said:


    Command and Conquer and Red Alert are for some reason not listed but have been freeware for a while.

    I just saw that this list doesn't contain open-source titles:

    List of open-source video games - Wikipedia

    Or titles that were previously commercial for that matter (hence why command and conquer was missing: It's on that list, not the freeware list):

    List of commercial video games released as freeware - Wikipedia

    So it looks like I have a lot of games to add onto this list. That's gonna take a while before it's done...

    Over the years, I've nabbed one high-profile free game on Steam after another. I now have a really nice catalogue of "real" free games on there. Don't know if Steam is that generous anymore (I rarely log in these days, mostly because I don't have a PC to handle it), but if you have an account, I'd just check in every so often and strike when one of them pops up.