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After someone asked for free games, I was thinking about that he's certainly not the only person looking for free games.

And with "free", I really mean really free games, not allegedly "free" games with microtransactions and the like, just games where you can get the whole experience without ever being asked to spend a dime. I also won't include demos of games, just entire ones. If you ever have some additional gem suggestions, feel free to post them so I can add them to the list.

First place to check list would be GOG, as they are kind enough to have a special page just to list their free games, and unlike Steam doesn't include any "free" to play titles. While some are very old (Akalabeth for instance released in 1979, considerably older than many users here on the forum), about half of the titles actually released in the last 10 years or so. I will list them all in the second post. Free DOS game downloads - Over 2,000 games!, an abandonware site with many classic titles not commercially available anymore (games on their site that are commercially available link to their respective GOG site instead of a download link).'s Dos Game Library, all playable in browser (which also means no saving after session ends)

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