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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Official 3DS Friend Code & Community Thread *BACK FOR POKEMON X/Y!*


Which model 3DS do you currently have?

Original 31 36.05%
XL 34 39.53%
2DS 2 2.33%
Original & XL 8 9.30%
Original & 2DS 3 3.49%
XL & 2DS 0 0%
Screw making choices, I have all three! 3 3.49%
None =( 2 2.33%




Post your 3DS friend code, as well as your name on your 3DS! I'll gather them together and keep it updated.
If you change your name on your 3DS, let me know so I can update you. Sometimes it's easy to lose track of who's who so it's good to have a reference!

If you add somebody, send them a PM and let them know so they can add you back!

gamrConnect Name 3DS Name Friend Code
09TarHeel 09TarHeel 0559-6763-3837
3Nix Phoenix 2363-5648-2762
Albion Angstrom 0516-7271-5330
AllAboutTheGames885 Drew 1891-1193-6272
AlphaCielago David 4553-9954-4854
Amp316 Amp316 0387-9691-3947
ASStronaut ASStronaut 5155-3104-9767
Augen   3738-0809-8495
Bajablo   4553-9947-9017
BazMeisterGen Baz 5198-2406-1417
Boutros Boutros 1418-8001-5697
brundlefly Scott 5069-4256-3903
CheeBee CheeBee 2320-6113-9046
Christian973 Christian 4596-9822-6909
ConeGamer Cone 3823-8608-4015
CyberNinja45 G-Cyber45 5413-0232-9676
D21Lewis D21Lewis 3823-8631-8090
Dark_Gh0st_B0y   2750-1153-5814
DieAppleDie DyAppleDy 3308-5234-1067
FamousRingo Ringo 1977-0186-6114
FedFed Sasso 3480-3117-6001
FireLink   1633-4209-3068
Forest-Spirit Spirit 2921-9824-3692
Freebs2 Bait 3566-1678-4439
FunTime Toe 1375-8042-7979
Galaki Galaki 0946-2336-9016
GianCarmen Carmen 1418-6718-0902
Gnizmo Harter 2105-8659-4178
Guiduc Guillaume 3523-2065-3036
Hackles Yusuf 3566-1798-1681
HappyDolphin   1676-3707-2299
Hephaestos Hephaestos 3480 2536 5644
HxcZuner IpFisher 2363-5694-1881
Icebreaker Dillon 3609-1035-4114
JoelCool7 JoelCool7 1032-1232-2368
Jizz_Beard_thePirate   0404-6807-2847
Kamal   2509-1752-9780
Kenology   0903-3016-0674
Kidjayz YoKid 2079-6618-1239
lestatdark Lestat 4468-2287-0965
Level1Death K.J. 5327-1295-9359
LinkVPit Chris 3007-8260-4075
LKJHGFDSA Sage 0001-3328-1770
Luiaots Luis 4897-5931-5375


Luthor 3909-7597-9889
Manuelf Manuelf 1805-2220-5158
MaxwellGT2000 Patrick 2664-2103-7268
Menx64 Menx 1289-8222-7215
MilkyJoe MilkyJoe 3308-5242-4677
Miz1q2w3e Miz 0877-1237-2177
MJamison77 Mikey 4554-0002-1095
Mnementh Dishayloo 1418-7441-5861
MoreNoIngrato Isa 3308-4685-0342
Mr Khan Mr Khan 0301-9780-5232
Mr.Ashtear   5257-9765-9912
MRKs Tin 4339-3326-7693
mysticwolf   0259-1574-9500
NazNaTips Naz 5284-1449-4936
NintendoPie Nicholas 1719-3414-2856
NoName2200 NoName 4639-8960-9092
NyeGuy81 BNye 2535-3653-6097
OdellWWWW O Be 1 2105-9332-0615
OPCode OPCode 1418-6702-4187
Paul PKT 3566-1540-4087
PeterIsYum Peter 4682-8478-7711
PhantomLink Persona 4511-0598-0459
PokeClaudeL Del 3222-5572-1801
RadishHead   2621-3107-3204
Rainbow Yoshi   4940-5857-3185
Rick1331 Rick 4639-8947-7883
RoboTechHeaven Travis 1203-9894-3131
RolStoppable Roland 4940-5524-9113
Roma Roma 0731-4853-4306
Ronster316 Ronster316 3823-9199-9899
Salnax Salnax 1977-0191-0177
SenseBringer P.Express 3566-1566-8667
Sepoer   4725-8097-2622
SethNintendo Seth 0216-1095-1009
Sherlock99   4940-5445-6226
Smeags Smeags 2294-4255-5421
SMSpore SMSpore 1332-8186-3206
Soma Moi 3480-2746-6289
SpurgeonRyan   1762-2687-8241
SpurgeonRyan   0576-4303-8054
TateWaki75 Tate 0602-7119-8820
TheKingofRedLions Travis 0989-1743-6325
thetonestarr (3DSXL) tonestarr 1547-5217-0350
thetonestarr (Original) tony 1032-2538-3025
Tizona Dan 3437-3054-5259
Tolu619 Tolu 4854-7520-6876
TrashArmDSister12 tads12 3866-8117-4784
Uno Jason 3566-1728-2482
Viper1 Viper 3695-0866-9570
walkthrublazer3   0860-3269-1286
WetCoaster Eric 2492-4117-8826
Wick Wick 1676-3747-7846
Xxain Jonathan 2836-0094-2364
Zap~ Nacho 1032-1246-9162
Zero129 DGray 3609-1909-0251
zippy Clint 4425-1465-7601


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Official VGChartz Mario Kart 7 Tournament

Pushmo/PullBlox: Will Add User Content Now and Then!

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And for all you who do not own a 3DS yet:


This thread is the successor to the original 3DS Community Thread, which can be found here. Much of the OP is originally Smeags' work. Thank him!


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3308 5234 1067 name DyAppleDy
just added your 2 accounts
add me back :D

I had to go back awhile in my post history to find it.

Since the old one was found you might want to get this locked. (Or maybe not... maybe we need a new one.)

The old one has been dead for awhile. I suppose I should have tried to keep it going but I kind of neglected it.

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too bad I already played SSFIV and Resident Evil Co-op to death, otherwise I would exchange.

Or maybe I'm just lazy and waiting miiverse to launch on the 3DS so we can ditch the dam friend codes

I agree. It's all sethnintendo's fault.

My code is: 3823-8631-8090

I add anybody that adds me. There's only room for 14 more people!

Twitter: @d21lewis

If you keep this thread alive, copy all of the OP info from the other thread. Some of the people who posted in that thread aren't active (and never were active) but it would save you a lot of work.

Twitter: @d21lewis

sethnintendo said:
The old one has been dead for awhile. I suppose I should have tried to keep it going but I kind of neglected it.

I figured out why I couldn't find it - the name was changed at some point in time. =p

I'm going to keep this thread updated/alive unless somebody decides the old one should stay alive.


d21lewis said:
If you keep this thread alive, copy all of the OP info from the other thread. Some of the people who posted in that thread aren't active (and never were active) but it would save you a lot of work.

Oh, yeah, definitely. If the old thread was indeed gone, I was going to hope somebody had it cached and could provide all that content nice and easy for me.