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    happydolphin Gotta love new users. With that need to prove themselves come the putdowns. haha
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    Permaban - Alternate IDs (Insulting padib. Your punishment is that you will now become padib. ) ~ axumblade

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    Who dis?

    It's me.

    on 26 January 2015

    Who you?

    on 26 January 2015

    < Nintentacle posted something on happydolphin's wall:

    I forgot he was banned.


    on 19 March 2014

    But you are happyd, so that must mean you need banning.

    on 19 March 2014

    I don't get why they didn't ban the one you're using right now. You posted more on this one.

    on 19 March 2014

    It was my choice, they gave me the option. I wanted my old one back and happyD was linked to my work e-mail, which I no longer have access to.

    on 29 April 2014

    < spurgeonryan posted something on happydolphin's wall:

    Lol. Your punishment is to become the less cool Padib.

    I liked HappyD more. I feel like I do not even know you anymore.

    I think you're creeping him out, did you ask him for his phone number too?

    on 05 December 2013

    I thought they made a cute couple.

    on 24 January 2014


    on 29 January 2014

    Your mma

    on 11 July 2014

    < JoeTheBro posted something on happydolphin's wall:

    I was reading a 6 month old thread and saw you were banned. So surprised to see the permaban being recent.


    on 24 November 2013

    < Anfebious posted something on happydolphin's wall:

    Why man? Why? :(

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    Sales on PS Vita if a GTA game was made for and bundled with it?

    in Sony Discussion on 01 November 2013

    Zero. Just kidding, I think it would sell well, since GTA lends itself to portable sessions....

    Write 101

    Nintendo: We have failed to establish Wii U as a “worthy” Wii successor

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 November 2013

    JGarret said: happydolphin said: Your nickname should be "Nintendo's prophet". I have to give it to you that, though you didn't formulate it as well as you are now, you always held this thought and it was 100% correct. Nintendo made a good effort to expand, but their attempt to succeed the Wii properly failed by virtue of the gamepad. Some of us thought the gamepad could lead to...

    Write 101

    Nintendo: We have failed to establish Wii U as a “worthy” Wii successor

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 November 2013

    RolStoppable said: Somini said: Any thoughts on Iwata's comment? It's anything but easy to establish a console as a worthy successor when it's nothing like its predecessor. That should have been realized before launch though, now it's too late. Of course Nintendo made things even worse for themselves by omitting important titles altogether. Wii Sports 3 should have been a...


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