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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How did your gaming preference change overe the years?

Tober said:

Most of us probably are gaming for many years. From child to adulthood. The interesting question then is, do our gaming preferences stay the same? Did they evolve and why is this so?

My gaming life started with the NES and looking back there where some changes throughout the years. Some examples:

1. I used to be more patient and had a lot more perseverance beating a game when I was young.

Zelda2 is the best example. It was hard, at times unfair, but I never gave up and eventually beaten it. Nowadays I would never have that patience and would have quite the game and never saw credits. So if I keep failing at a modern game, I'm struggling to keep my motivation and play something else pretty quickly.

2. I appreciated cinematics way more back then.

I bought a PS1 for FF7 and it was a fantastic experience. The best parts were those FMV scenes, the more the better. They felt like a reward for the progress that I made through the game and motivated me to keep on playing to see what the next one would be. FF8 & FF9 the same thing.

Nowadays they just feel like gameplay interruptions and I always hope they stay short. I now have a dislike to games that are heavy cinematic gaming experiences.

3. Better be short and sweet.

I used to play games that take a long time. Substantial Action Adventures, RPG's or typical PC games like Warcraft2 or Civilization2. I felt they were more bang for the buck and that mattered to me. Nowadays the only 'long' games I play are Zelda's.

I only have so much time to play games, so I'm hesitant to start large games in general. The nature of big games and limited time means I need to be invested into a game for several weeks, months even, without the fear of just getting bored with it. And outside Zelda I did not experience that motivation recently. So my preferences have shifted to smaller quicker games like e.g. metroidvania's.

Did your gaming experience change? Do you now perhaps prefer different genres and/or play styles? Let's discuss!


1. Same. When timed still seemed infinite I would plug away at a game until I mastered it. Nowadays with short gaming sessions and long pauses in between, it's just not feasible anymore. By the time I'm back on track it's time to quit again :/ TotK knows this and serves everything up bite sized. I don't know if I have the patience nowadays anymore to get stuck in OoT or Baldur's Gate. I gave up on BG3, too time demanding with too much menu work.

2. Back then cinematics were a treat. They showed a movie version of the game you were playing, short, extremely lavish, boosting the visuals of the game itself by putting those scenes in your head.

And yep, nowadays they feel like a punishment. In game cut-scenes, nothing special to look at, drawn out, lot of talking. The advantage of FMV was that it was costly to make and took up a lot of space, so it was short and to the point. I would even re-watch them from the menu when possible. In contrast, I quit God of War Ragnarok due to the never ending blah blah and skip 'cut scenes' whenever possible.

3. The hesitation to start big games is very real nowadays and I play fewer and fewer long games. I play fewer games in general as it's much more enticing now just to do a few laps in GT7 in VR, or do a puzzle in Puzzling places than starting up a new game.

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1. Shifting from Nintendo to PlayStation as my main platform of choice. From the GameCube to Switch, Nintendo was my choice, and I didn't even bother with the other platforms besides playing ones family or friends had.
2. Way more RPGs. Between a lot of RPGs better suited for teens and adults, they also have way more difficulty settings now.
3. More mediocre and trash games. Sometimes they're interesting to see something different or get some achievements/trophies. In a non-gaming example, I sometimes watch movies with a trash reputation to see how bad they are or if I can enjoy them ironically. 
4. I've played way more games in hours and by the numbers from 2014 to the present than pre-2014. It helps that I have more patience and passion for games than I did as a kid.

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Interesting topic - my gaming preference and history is 30+ years old

1990 - interest peaked in gaming

1991 - Got my first video game system - Super Nintendo

1999 - Got my first portable game system - Game Boy Color

2003 - Got my first Playstation console - Playstation 2

2005 - Got my first western game - Grand Theft Auto Vice City on PS2

2007 - Got into PC gaming (sorta) through MMOs/MP games - Ragnarok Online

2011 - Got into mobile gaming (sorta)

2012 - Quit MMOs and got into Proper PC gaming - Steam

2013 - Got into more western IPs such as Assassin's Creed, Batman Arkham, Borderlands, Mass Effect, etc

2015 - Got into Mobile gaming proper

2018 - Got myself a dedicated gaming room

2022 - Got my first Xbox - Xbox Series S


Platform History

1991 - Super Nintendo

1998 - Nintendo 64

1999 - Game Boy Color

2001 - Gamecube

2002 - Game Boy Advance

2003 - Playstation 2

2005 - Playstation Portable

2007 - Nintendo DS

2008 - Nintendo Wii

2008 - First gaming laptop (not really a gaming quality laptop but good enough for MMOs)

2011 - Playstation 3

2011 - iPhone 5 32 GB

2012 - Upgraded Desktop to a gaming Desktop

2013 - Nintendo 3DS

2014 - Nintendo WiiU

2014 - Second Gaming Laptop

2015 - Playstation 4

2015 - iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB

2019 - Second Gaming Desktop

2020 - Switch

2021 - iPhone 13 Pro Max 1 TB

2022 - Xbox Series S

2023 - Playstation 5

2023 - Xbox Series X

2024 - Switch OLED

Planning to get the PS5 Pro possibly in 2025 and a new gaming desktop possibly in 2025 as well. Might even get the successor the Switch.


To review in terms of eco system wise

Nintendo - Since 1991 (33 years)

Sony - Since 2003 (21 years)

Microsoft - Since 2022 (2 years)

PC gaming - since 2012 (12 years)

Mobile gaming - since 2015 (9 years)


First Nintendo game: Super Mario World (SNES)

First Playstation game: Final Fantasy IX (PS1) and Final Fantasy X (PS2)

First Xbox game: Gears of War Ultimate (XONE)

First PC game: Terraria (Steam)

First Mobile game: Final Fantasy Record Keeper (iOS)

First Nintendo Developed game: Super Mario World (SNES)

First Sony developed game: God of War (PS2)

First Xbox developed game: Gears of War Ultimate (XONE)

First Valve developed game: Left 4 Dead 2 (Steam)

First Square Enix game: Final Fantasy IV (SNES)

First Capcom game: Breath of Fire I (SNES)

First Namco Bandai Game: Tekken 5 (PS2)

First SEGA game: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (GCN)

First NIS game: Disgaea 1 Hour of Darkness (PS2)

First Ubisoft Game: Assassin's Creed Deluxe (Steam)

First EA Game: Mass Effect 1 (Steam)

First 2K/TakeTwo/Rockstar game: Grand Theft Auto Vice City (PS2)

First Warner Brothers Game: Batman Arkham Aslyum (PC)

First Atlus Game: Persona 1 Portable (PSP)

First Activision Game: Call of Duty 1 (Steam)

First SNK Game: King of Fighters 99 (Neo Geo)

First Falcom Game: Ys Origin (Steam)

First Konami Game: Metal Gear Solid 1 (PS3)


In the 1990s - I was more into Adventure/Platformer games, mainly from Nintendo only developed ones (Mario, Kirby, DK)

In the 2000s, got into more RPGs like Final Fantasy, Mana, Star Ocean, Tales, Disgaea, etc

In the 2010s, got into more western games like Assassin's Creed, Saints Row, Mass Effect, Borderlands, Bioshock, Batman Arkham Asylum, etc

Nowadays I'm pretty much everywhere platform and genre wise (except for Sports and MOBAs/MMOs).

I don't think it changed much. I always loved RPGs, platformers and cinematic games.

However, what changed is that after the Wii I lost interest in most Nintendo games. In fact, the Wii was the last console that caught my attention. Today I game way more on PC.

I'm definitely more selective now that I've experienced a bunch of genres and have less time on my hands in adulthood; fewer big time sink RPG's and the like, more short and sweet narrative experiences and such. No more hundreds/thousands of hours into the latest competitive MP craze. Generally I want my time to mean something, relatively speaking.

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I can't say they did change. I started appreciated new genres as I discovered them, but things I used to like in past I mostly still liking

I kinda of went through waves because my earliest real gaming experiences were mostly done on Nintendo handhelds so I was the Mario's, the odd platformers, adventure games, some RPG's.

Then my hobby kinda changed during the Xbox 360 era where I was way more focused on playing shooters and sports games.

Then, I managed to buy myself a 3DS and finally implanted myself back into genre of games I were playing back at the beginning. Though, I did find even more appreciation through the story telling in some adventure games and RPGs I played in recent years.

My playing habits are fluctuing to be frank. Sometimes, it's just because my other activities take most of my time. Other times, I just feel like watching other people play games I wouldn't myself on YouTube lol.

But I don't mind playing bigger games, just as I like the shorter experiences too ^^ + VR is a really great add-on too.

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Not much change other than the multiplayer games I play due to friends changing. I still love JRPGs. I still love strategy. I guess you could say I tried a bunch of newer games back then, but after playing them I decided to not get their sequels. (Like Ubisoft games, sports games, sony style games since 2012, modern FPs, etc.)

But that is not really a change, just an attempt and a fail at branching out.

Used to love jrpgs but they are too long and fluffy now. Too many silly side quests and stupid mini games. My preference has shifted towards adventure over jrpg.


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I used to love first person shooters. It was a huge part of my youth.
Duke Nuke'em, Quake, Wolfenstein, Doom, Unreal tournament, MDK, Half Life (and CS), shadow warrior, Turok, Hexen, AvP, Blood, Heretic.. ect.
That and RTS games, played in local multipler.... against people, was alot of my gameing back then.

Even earlier on, it was mainly fighting games, and platformers, on nintendo consoles.
Or group of us kids, playing horror games (like resident evil).

Today I game offline mainly, and mostly single player experiances with a focus on good story telling (Unless I'm trying say a new MMO or such).

I mostly enjoy RPGs, and with a preferance for turn-based ones.
I still occasionaly play a platformer/sim/puzzle/tower defense - game, if they catch my eye.

So in that sense you can say it changed alot.... Im no longer a kid with a huge group of friends around me, or a teen that went to lan parties and the like.
I dont really enjoy competitive games at all anymore. The internet is rife with cheating/botting and whatnot, just no. I'm a old dude (it feels like), and those times are past me.

To me, now a good game is like a good book or movie.
Its the story more often than not that drives me.

one thing that sets me apart from the others that replied in this thread, is that they often say they want short experiances.
I prefer longer ones, I want to fall in love with the world/characters and story and I want it to have time to foldout without it feeling rushed at all.
As long as you can easily save your game, and pick it up again when theres time, its length is of no issue.
Some games, like "I am Setsuna" I remember thinking, "this is too easy" "thats it? its over already?".  (I think I beat it in like 16hours or less)
It felt too short, after trying to learn the systems of the game ect, it was kinda dissapoint tbh.

I'm also a huge sucker for Path of Exile (a hack-n-slash looter). I like system depth in games, and this game just has it right for a hack-n-slash.
I've been playing it for years at this point, and can highly recammend. The story and systems have slight changes from season to season, and starting over with a new build is always good fun. Figouring out how to min-max and push limits is great in it.

About the length thingy..... I very much also prefer books, to be long running series.
I know if its continued onwards, for multiple books, there has to be a group of people that enjoy it enough to keep going at it.
(Basically bad sh*t doesn't last, so once a series has x amount of books in it, its a safe bet, its atleast decent)

I also read alot of light-novels, that sometimes have like 6000+ chapters and have run sometimes 10-20 years and the like.

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