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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How did your gaming preference change overe the years?

Stated gaming in the PS2 era. Never played RPGs growing up because my brothers always wanted shooters and GTA and they said fantasy games were lame. Never played a Final Fantasy before FF7R, which was godlike. Now I think most of the games I play are RPGs.

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Tober said:

one thing that sets me apart from the others that replied in this thread, is that they often say they want short experiances.
I prefer longer ones, I want to fall in love with the world/characters and story and I want it to have time to foldout without it feeling rushed at all.
As long as you can easily save your game, and pick it up again when theres time, its length is of no issue.
Some games, like "I am Setsuna" I remember thinking, "this is too easy" "thats it? its over already?".  (I think I beat it in like 16hours or less)
It felt too short, after trying to learn the systems of the game ect, it was kinda dissapoint tbh.

I'm also a huge sucker for Path of Exile (a hack-n-slash looter). I like system depth in games, and this game just has it right for a hack-n-slash.
I've been playing it for years at this point, and can highly recammend. The story and systems have slight changes from season to season, and starting over with a new build is always good fun. Figouring out how to min-max and push limits is great in it.

About the length thingy..... I very much also prefer books, to be long running series.
I know if its continued onwards, for multiple books, there has to be a group of people that enjoy it enough to keep going at it.
(Basically bad sh*t doesn't last, so once a series has x amount of books in it, its a safe bet, its atleast decent)

I also read alot of light-novels, that sometimes have like 6000+ chapters and have run sometimes 10-20 years and the like.

When it comes to books I fully agree. I'm a sucker for Terry Pratchett's work. Read all of them and highly recommend them. Unfortunate there will be no new ones (RIP Terry)

If you haven't yet, also check out The Long Earth series in collaboration with Stephen Baxter. Excellent series.

I recently found Good Omens in a thrift store, written together with Neil Gaiman. Never heard of him but maybe it will open up another good series of books. Oh I see he wrote Coraline :)

Terry Pratchet is sorely missed. I've read Truckers, Diggers and Wings many times to my kids for bed times, the nome trilogy. The first one was the favorite.

All his books are great, the one writer that literally makes me laugh out loud while reading :)

I don't think much changed.
Jrpg is still my favorite genre, followed by action/adventure and fighting games.
Suikoden 2, Chrono Trigger and Resident Evil 4 are still my top 3 games.

But there are some things.


I used to look forward to watching videogame intros.
Nowadays, I feel like I suffer through them, and would like to skip them.
I would rather play the game, because games today are much closer to FMV/anime quality than they were decades ago, so that's probably why.

But some of my favotrite intros of old still hit different than 99% of what I see from new games for some reason.

Playtime / interest in games:

Back in the day I would generally get more excited about upcoming games, and would try just about anything.
Nowadays I usually feel mildly interested in upcoming games, even when I know it's a game I'm probably going to love. 

I'm not sure why, but I would guess it's partially taking them for granted, since I can pretty much get any game I want. And maybe also because there are less revolutionary surprising games these days since so many ideas have already been done.

I also find myself playing proper games less, perhaps because I spend some time each day on auto-battle mobile games.

I started Granblue Relink a couple of weeks ago, and really like it. But I haven't booted up the game since. Don't know why.
But I will in the next few days since I want to play it co-op with a couple of friends.


This is a genre that was added among some of my favorites a few years ago. But they can be very hit or miss.
I didn't ernjoy Bloodborne. But I loved Elden Ring. That was a fantastic game.

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Hiku said:

Suikoden 2, Chrono Trigger and Resident Evil 4 are still my top 3 games.

And just minutes after I said that, I found out that Akira Toriyama, one of the 'dream team' members of Chrono Trigger, passed away.
And a few weeks ago, the creator of Suikoden passed away...

My desire for a good story definitely increased significantly. I always played games with good stories/worlds (Golden Sun 1 & 2 on the GBA, Final Fantasy 4 DS Remake) and so that's what I've always geared towards, but over time I have gotten very critical of stories in games. For me, the story is usually what keeps me engaged (if it's single player) and if the story and writing are subpar, I fall out of it really fast and don't enjoy the rest of the game as a result. The biggest example I can provide in recent times is Tales of Arise. I fell in love with the opening, everything was so great. But once the 2nd part started it fell apart so bad. The characters were so one dimensional and whiny. I did not finish the game as a result.

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My gaming started 1990 with Master System. That was bit of a "what I happen to get" era, but notable is that I had several sports games - Tennis Ace, Slap Shot, Super Kick Off and Great Golf - and I never traded those away, like several other games back then.
The interesting thing is that (aside racing) I've never played many sports games on PC (that I first got 1994). I've probably played sports games more hours on Master System than on PC - and may have played more on Master System emulator than anything else on PC.

90's I had limited amount of games until 1999 I got internet and got a little... liberal with "abandonware". At that point I burned through ton of 80's adventure games with walkthroughs. Later I've rarely had patience for 80's games (though just recently did one).
After this point I would rarely replay games (usually do particularly good ones 5/10/15 later).

That's also because around the turn of century local second hand shops appeared to provide me with some random games. By 10's I'd piled up enough that I had to give up decade old habit of replaying some of my favorite games every other year and move to every five years.2000 was also beginning of emulation for me. After couple years of just Sega I moved to Nintendo and along that decade I really went through 8/16-bit JRPGs. They're still among my favorite genres, but I've moved to couple following console generations since.

I'm not sure how I've slipped into playing shooters. I did already back in 1995 play Wolfenstein 3D, but generally I've only played FPS/TPS games since 2010 or so.2019 I got my cousins' old PS2 and that got me into playing with pad, having for ages been doing almost everything with keyboard and mouse.

Usually played Platformers, Racing (usually sims) and Shooters (more so PS3 especially co-op campaigns, not anymore though, besides Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 I was used to on PS2 as of course age ratings and such) with the odd Action Adventure games.

Nowadays I've embraced Hack n Slashes, Visual Novels, Tactics (usually JRPG ones not WRPGs ones I like the boards, I don't like traveling and cutting to tactics combat in western ones I find it just annoying, JRPG ones with grinding or story and certain maps aka Disgaea or Valkyria Chronicles I don't mind as much) and Arcade Racers.

I did experience some like Legend of Spyro introduced me to the sort of DMC/God of War combat systems.

I played Rhythm Heaven DS (bought Wii/3DS entries since), played Singstar with a few games from that. Had my time with 3D games, bought a few since but of course for the game's gameplay not because it was 3D.

I still think Simulview is cool co-op but separate view with the glasses.

That and dual screens, just love the use cases with them or what 'hasn't been achieved yet' that probably won't seeing how dual screen phones are or Switch is. Nah that ship has ended. Sigh. RIP multi-instances that only PCs do mostly and not consoles. I get Series X can but even then it's digital only or limited compared to PC virtual desktop. Or other possibilities of manual/app on one screen, game on the other. Wii U underpowered or just because of how Nintendo used it and didn't go further with it. Ah the possibilities. GBA manual pausing just why. Sigh.

So motion controls are cool if done right and in other cases many dual screens are just passable and potential wishing at this point. Dual screen phones eh. Cool but not really going anywhere, app developers won't for fair reasons userbase.

I did have Eye Toy but re-bought a few of those and other games I didn't have and gotten into peripherals/gimmicks more with buying a Wii U, Vita, more Wii and Move games.

Or I more so got into arcade racers over time when I got into collecting. Some of my favourite puzzle games I found on PS1/PSP so far so that was worth it.

I also research mostly 5-7th gens failed consoles, games and more but I have my fair share of 1-4th gen consoles history.

I've tried some genres for the first time and some got into, others nah.

Getting some consoles I never had has been fun.

Some libraries looking over have made me appreciate the third parties left behind or over looked. Like Wii U Indies, PSP Minis/Mobile games ports. Or N64 third parties. Or Vita.

Seeing a Master System 2, Gameboy OG and SNES OG models IRL is magical, the prices and games appearing or disappearing from stores is something and I don't have the RF compatible TV so no way I could buy a Master System 2 anyway (even if not a great model of it).

I've been gaming from the 1980s until present day.

Maintained Interest:
* RPGs - my favourite genre
* Sandbox games - I consider Will Write games in this genre - everything from SimCity to SimEarth, and even The Sims - I was highly disappointed that SPORE was less of a sandbox than I was expecting. But I was playing Dwarf Fortress by the time SPORE came out, so my interest in the genre didn't wane. Also, sandbox elements are integral to Paradox Games grand strategies. So there's a lot of overlap.

Reduced Interest: or games that were among my most played genres, but have fallen back from games that I'd play for hours, to games I probably won't play for over an hour.
* Platformers - was one of my favourite genres in both the 8-bit and 16-bit, but Mario Galaxy and Shovel Knight are the only two games I played much of in the last 15+ years. Maybe a bit of Kirby.
* Adventure - I played a ton of these in the 80s and 90s, and again with the Nintendo DS revival, but I have stopped playing them since then, but maybe I'll revive my interest in them soon, since Switch got some interesting ones.
* Action adventure (BotW is an exception) - Yeah, I don't really play these anymore. I'm not sure when it stopped, probably after the Wii era.
* 4X Strategy - I've found the genre becoming increasingly convoluted without improving the experience. I think the genre peaked somewhere around expanded Civilization 2/Test of Time, Master of Orion 2, and Alpha Centauri - many like Civ 4 the best, and I'd say its because it has some interesting features, but I found that the Civ 2 modding scene and the actual expansion and warfare + presentation (like the wonder movies and advisors) made that game more interesting in Civ 2 - after Civ 3, I found warfare and expansion substantially less fun than Civ 1 and 2; and so I lost interest in those games. The other 4X trend is the loads and loads of modifiers and complexity that makes the game kind of boring - Stellaris has buildings with like 8 or 9 modifiers each, some of them don't even seem to mean anything. Another thing is that Grand Strategy kills 4X, I think 4X hit it potential, and all attempts to advance the genre have resulted in making the core experience more frustrating in an attempt to stop people from map painting as fast, and also making it more convoluted. Complexity serves grand strategy WAY better than 4X.

Lost Interest:
* Fighters - Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Playstation), Smash Bros (N64), and Soul Calibre (Dreamcast) were the last fighting games I was interested in.
* RTS - Peaked with Brood War, and then waned in interest during Age of Empires (more on that franchise later).

Gained Interest:
* Grand Strategy - always liked the genre, and saw potential. I used to play the crap out of this old WW2 grand strategy, and of course, the KOEI grand strategy games, but with Age of Empires, the grand strategy elements interested me a lot. Around the time they were out, I got involved with Paradox Games grand strategy. Somewhere between Medieval 2 Total War and Paradox's Victoria 2, I converted 100% from KOEI and Creative Assembly to Paradox Games. As I said, a lot of this is cross-over with sandbox gaming, because sandbox elements are heavy in modern grand strategy.
* Open world - always liked them, from the original Zelda and Metroid, but I've found I like them more with BotW and Witcher 3. So, you could say this is where I really like Zelda. These games often have some sandbox elements as well, Breath of the Wild especially.

Developed Interest later than other genres:
Casual games - I became interested in these in the late 1990s with a couple of browser games called Utopia and Earth 2025. But Animal Crossing on Gamecube really solidified my interest in these. I still play them on my phone to this day. Basically, any games where I can pick them up, play for a few minutes, and put them down - usually with new tasks each day to complete.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

I got my start with the Nintendo Wii, pretty fun console tbh, i mostly played casual centered games like Wii sports, Mario galaxy and all other stuff...
Then i got into PC gaming after being pretty bored of my wii, which unlocked the gates for every game i ever loved, TF2, HL2 and all other great Valve classics.
And then i got an Xbox 360 which i've been enjoying so far, playing alot of Skate centered, Rhythm, Sports and Open world games.

-Why the fuck do i have to pay for a free trial

Well, there's a huge change; namely that I used to prefer to play video games, and now I don't really anymore.

But regardless if I look at my gaming 'career', there's two constants really, in that I have always liked Zelda games from back when I first played A Link to the Past in the 90s until today, and I've always liked building-and-management games like SimCity, Anno or Rollercoaster Tycoon. Sadly that last genre hasn't had much that was actually interesting enough to play to me, for a variety of reasons.

Around that, my preference for genres or series has varied quite a lot. There was a time when I liked fighting games, a time when I liked realtime strategy games, a time when I liked cinematic adventure games, a time when I liked shooter games and even a time when I liked sports games. Overall, my preference for long, complicated, open and wide epic games grew as those games became more and more common, but these last few years, or maybe, this last decade even, my preference has greatly shifted towards games that are much easier to pick up and play, don't have any fluff, are shorter and much less complicated. Still, it is a case by case basis, Zelda, as I said, is mostly exempt from any 'rules'.