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I don't think much changed.
Jrpg is still my favorite genre, followed by action/adventure and fighting games.
Suikoden 2, Chrono Trigger and Resident Evil 4 are still my top 3 games.

But there are some things.


I used to look forward to watching videogame intros.
Nowadays, I feel like I suffer through them, and would like to skip them.
I would rather play the game, because games today are much closer to FMV/anime quality than they were decades ago, so that's probably why.

But some of my favotrite intros of old still hit different than 99% of what I see from new games for some reason.

Playtime / interest in games:

Back in the day I would generally get more excited about upcoming games, and would try just about anything.
Nowadays I usually feel mildly interested in upcoming games, even when I know it's a game I'm probably going to love. 

I'm not sure why, but I would guess it's partially taking them for granted, since I can pretty much get any game I want. And maybe also because there are less revolutionary surprising games these days since so many ideas have already been done.

I also find myself playing proper games less, perhaps because I spend some time each day on auto-battle mobile games.

I started Granblue Relink a couple of weeks ago, and really like it. But I haven't booted up the game since. Don't know why.
But I will in the next few days since I want to play it co-op with a couple of friends.


This is a genre that was added among some of my favorites a few years ago. But they can be very hit or miss.
I didn't ernjoy Bloodborne. But I loved Elden Ring. That was a fantastic game.

Last edited by Hiku - on 08 March 2024