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My gaming started 1990 with Master System. That was bit of a "what I happen to get" era, but notable is that I had several sports games - Tennis Ace, Slap Shot, Super Kick Off and Great Golf - and I never traded those away, like several other games back then.
The interesting thing is that (aside racing) I've never played many sports games on PC (that I first got 1994). I've probably played sports games more hours on Master System than on PC - and may have played more on Master System emulator than anything else on PC.

90's I had limited amount of games until 1999 I got internet and got a little... liberal with "abandonware". At that point I burned through ton of 80's adventure games with walkthroughs. Later I've rarely had patience for 80's games (though just recently did one).
After this point I would rarely replay games (usually do particularly good ones 5/10/15 later).

That's also because around the turn of century local second hand shops appeared to provide me with some random games. By 10's I'd piled up enough that I had to give up decade old habit of replaying some of my favorite games every other year and move to every five years.2000 was also beginning of emulation for me. After couple years of just Sega I moved to Nintendo and along that decade I really went through 8/16-bit JRPGs. They're still among my favorite genres, but I've moved to couple following console generations since.

I'm not sure how I've slipped into playing shooters. I did already back in 1995 play Wolfenstein 3D, but generally I've only played FPS/TPS games since 2010 or so.2019 I got my cousins' old PS2 and that got me into playing with pad, having for ages been doing almost everything with keyboard and mouse.