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Usually played Platformers, Racing (usually sims) and Shooters (more so PS3 especially co-op campaigns, not anymore though, besides Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 I was used to on PS2 as of course age ratings and such) with the odd Action Adventure games.

Nowadays I've embraced Hack n Slashes, Visual Novels, Tactics (usually JRPG ones not WRPGs ones I like the boards, I don't like traveling and cutting to tactics combat in western ones I find it just annoying, JRPG ones with grinding or story and certain maps aka Disgaea or Valkyria Chronicles I don't mind as much) and Arcade Racers.

I did experience some like Legend of Spyro introduced me to the sort of DMC/God of War combat systems.

I played Rhythm Heaven DS (bought Wii/3DS entries since), played Singstar with a few games from that. Had my time with 3D games, bought a few since but of course for the game's gameplay not because it was 3D.

I still think Simulview is cool co-op but separate view with the glasses.

That and dual screens, just love the use cases with them or what 'hasn't been achieved yet' that probably won't seeing how dual screen phones are or Switch is. Nah that ship has ended. Sigh. RIP multi-instances that only PCs do mostly and not consoles. I get Series X can but even then it's digital only or limited compared to PC virtual desktop. Or other possibilities of manual/app on one screen, game on the other. Wii U underpowered or just because of how Nintendo used it and didn't go further with it. Ah the possibilities. GBA manual pausing just why. Sigh.

So motion controls are cool if done right and in other cases many dual screens are just passable and potential wishing at this point. Dual screen phones eh. Cool but not really going anywhere, app developers won't for fair reasons userbase.

I did have Eye Toy but re-bought a few of those and other games I didn't have and gotten into peripherals/gimmicks more with buying a Wii U, Vita, more Wii and Move games.

Or I more so got into arcade racers over time when I got into collecting. Some of my favourite puzzle games I found on PS1/PSP so far so that was worth it.

I also research mostly 5-7th gens failed consoles, games and more but I have my fair share of 1-4th gen consoles history.

I've tried some genres for the first time and some got into, others nah.

Getting some consoles I never had has been fun.

Some libraries looking over have made me appreciate the third parties left behind or over looked. Like Wii U Indies, PSP Minis/Mobile games ports. Or N64 third parties. Or Vita.

Seeing a Master System 2, Gameboy OG and SNES OG models IRL is magical, the prices and games appearing or disappearing from stores is something and I don't have the RF compatible TV so no way I could buy a Master System 2 anyway (even if not a great model of it).